Silver Investors Find Bubble Wildly Exaggerated

Silver investors have recently been pummeled by financial pundits and TV talking heads about the pro-ported popping of the silver bubble and the death of silver. Reports of the death of silver are both premature and widely exaggerated. Silver is already rebounding from the short term pullback. In this video Ted Sudol of and Paul Mladjenovic, author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies explain the differences between a bubble, like we have seen and the housing market, and silver’s position in the market today. Silver investors who are investing for the long term have nothing to fear from this short term volatility as long as they are investing for the long term. Silver’s long term trend is upward.

Paul pointed out in his article, which researched and documented many of silver’s sometimes substantial pullbacks there has always been short term volatility in the silver market. But silver’s long term trend over time has been a consistent march upward. The silver investor who has positioned himself for the long term has profited. The chart below illustrates the 10 year march of the price of silver upward. (If you want to see an enlarged view of the graph just click on it)

The Dow began the decade at about 1100 its now about 1200. That’s a 100 point gain over the course of ten years – hardly any movement at all. During the same time silver has gained several hundred percent.

The demand for silver is high and growing every day as new electronic devices, which use silver and new medical uses as an antibacterial agent are discovered. Countries around the world like India and China whose growing populations that demand these electronic devices their new economic status affords them further drives up demand for silver.

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