Silver’s Time Has Come? – Death of the Dollar

Is the Death of the Dollar in the US Future? Silver’s Coming Rise, Austrian Analysis of the Economy and the Petro Yuan would seem to indicate the future. Are these just additional nails in the dollar’s coffin?

In this video Mike Maloney, author of Investing in Gold and Silver, begins with a great analysis of the gold silver ratio by an independent youtuber Gold Silver Ratio Analysis and Update

To build the case Mike Maloney next points to an article in Zero Hedge by John Rubino. Technical funds are almost always wrong in the short run. So the fact that they are very short on silver is actually bullish for silver. John Rubino reports on this in Zero Hedge:
Speculators Short Actually Bullish For Silver

The next piece in the roadmap is anticle by David Stockman. Economy Trainwreck Building Momentum

The dollar standard now has a significant challenger in the Chinese Petro-yuan. Mike says this is another nail in the coffin for the death of the dollar.: Petro Yuan Debut 10-billion in First Hour

The Death of the Dollar seems to be predicted by these global economic currents. What would the Death of the Dollar mean for the US economy? We’ll have a future video that will focus on that topic.

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