Stock Market Bounce or Stock Market Bust? Gerald Celente

Original release: 04/18/2018

Stock Market Bounce or Stock Market Bust? In this video Gerald Celente gives us his forecast. Gerald has been forecasting trends for the past 30 years. Always controversial he brings his famous bull— button to spice up his commentary. (Or as the button’s voice reminds us this is not bull—- it’s horse—-)

Stock Market bounce or Stock Market Bust. Where are the profits coming from? Banksters are making profit in their stock market gambling business the call banking. They are really gambling with your money. The banks reap the profits when they win. The taxpayer or investors take the loss when they lose.

Some Saudis are looking for $80 a barrel oil. That’s what they need to balance the budget. Will it take a little war in the name of oil profits to boost the price? Stay tuned.

May 12 President Trump is going to sign off on another disastrous decision. If he kills it oil is going much higher and the US consumer will pay.

Oil rebound is hitting US consumers. It is estimated increase oil prices will cost the average consumer $400 more this year.

Middle income taxpayers will gain $900 from the tax cut. Oil prices go up $400 so just considering this they are only getting $400 from the tax cut. But remember taxpayer tax cuts expire in a few years. Corporate tax cuts go on forever.

Morgan Stanley’s profits went up. Goldman profits rebound up. Bank profits all around are up.

The whole country has been taken over by the bankers. Too big to fail, Too big to jail.

Banks got a 2.5 billion boost from the tax cut.

All you Trump lovers cheering $930 tax break but oil prices going up is going to cost you $500 a year.

US commentators widely report slowing of Chinese growth and their moves to forestall growth slowdown.

China however reports a different story. They report a 6.3 percent growth.

Only thing keeping the US game going is the tax cut and the continuing flow of cheap money.

IMF warns that good times are ending. Global growth will slow by 2020.

Another day another scandal.

In every country we have a clown leading the country.

People buy the propaganda.

Every day another story.

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19 thoughts on “Stock Market Bounce or Stock Market Bust? Gerald Celente”

  1. To our American friends, we Canadians realize our great mistake in electing Justin Peter Pan Trudeau ( the boy who wouldn't grow up) and he will be gone in 2019. We understand he is subjecting our nation to embarrassment and humiliation through his juvenile behaviors. Yes, he is no more than a rich man's unemployable mindless playboy child, but, he will be gone…in 18 months.

  2. Gerald, although ur about finance, Pay attention to Dr Mike Schmitt for congress in CA. Anti child sex trafficking!!! Help our kids from predators.

  3. IzunaDestruction

    Ahahahahahahah great Gerald! That's a manly analysis! Good Italian too 😂 However, the Italian Democrats are just subservients of the US ones but even more coward, they think what the US Democrats think but they don't want to make enemies so they did not employ any Italian vehicle for the strikes but drones and planes took of from Sigonella base in Sicily and submarines sailed from Naples, so what Gentiloni called 'just logistic support' is in reality 'do what you want, we are gonna look the other way, just don't put our name on it (so when the strike will be politically inconvenient when the right will form the new government, we will manage to get away with it)'.

  4. Every time any President has said he will cut taxes for the middle-class, I always pay more. I call BS on the tax cuts; they went to the rich corporations and executives.
    Mr. Celente, I despise what our leaders are doing to kill people without a trial or any tribunal to determine the truth. There is a high price for innocent blood that our country and leaders will be held in judgement for either now or later. Please, do not assume all Americans are dumb or believe what the gov. says about anything. I could not believe Mr.Trump bombed Syria when every previous gas attack has been proven false or was done by the CIA backed rebels. He is supposed to be able to see through fraud, he has seen it enough.
    Please know that many listen to you and care about what you do and are glad to learn from you. More important is GOD knows you and loves you. Keep up the good work for out of small things comes that which is great.

  5. The democrats rely on three facts. You can't fix stupid and you can't teach common sense. 50% of the public is below average intelligence.

  6. If I had access to funds like those damn banksters. I would be spending my time researching how to produce products once made outside USA at best value.

  7. I wonder if the Genius planners Dunford and Mattis ever considered what would happen once the Raytheon cruise missiles hit the chemical weapon storage and labs that it might cause MASS death of Damascus citizens. Unless they knew l along that Assad has zero chemical weapons and this was just bombing pharmaceutical labs that were for helping sick people in Syria thus just adding to more death and destruction. Naaaah my government would never do such a evil act.

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