The Beauty Of The American Silver Eagle Proof Coin

It’s been about a quarter of a century since the United States Mint produced their first American Silver Eagle Proof Coins. Styled after the magnificent half dollar Walking Liberty designed by Adolph A Weinman and first circulated in 1916, this beautiful coin has caught the fancy of investors and collectors alike.

The United States Mint produces bullion coins in silver, gold, and platinum. Congress originally authorized the production of bullion coins in order to provide an easy, cost effective way for investors to add gold, silver, and platinum to their investment portfolios. And ever since then these coins have become one of the most popular bullion investment products.

Silver American Eagle Proof Coins

Proof coins go through a different minting process than do bullion or uncirculated coins. It all starts when burnished coin blanks are manually fed into presses in the mint that have been fitted with specially prepared dies.

Each of what will become a proof coin is then struck over and over again. As a result the visuals of these coins is magnificent. When you look at the obverse and reverse of the coin it seems as if the highly detailed, softly frosted images are floated above a sparkling mirror like field. Even if you’re not a coin collector the beauty of these coins can take your breath away.

In order to assure that each of these specially prepared coins meets the strict standards set by the United States Mint, every one of them is individually inspected by people who must wear white gloves whenever they touch a coin.

Once an American Eagle Silver Proof coin passes this rigorous inspection it is enclosed in a protective plastic container and then is mounted in a beautifully finished presentation case that’s lined with satin and velvet.

And of course, each coin receives its individual Certificate of Authenticity. Because these coins are struck by the United States mint you can be assured that each coin contains ninety nine and ninety nine one hundredths of a percent (99.99%) of pure silver.

In addition to the intrinsic beauty of these coins, investors appreciate the fact that these silver coins, like the gold and platinum American Eagle proof coins, have a limited mintage.

In any given year American Eagle Proof coins can initially be purchased directly from the United States Mint. However, because these points have proven to be so popular, there is a thriving aftermarket for coins minted in the current year as well as coins that were minted in previous years.

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