Does Trump Matter for Precious Metals?

People have been asking what do you think will happen to the price of precious metals when Trump is president. Does Trump Matter for Precious Metals? You have lots of pundits cheering and saying the precious metals will soar under Trump because of the uncertainty and fear he brings to the world. So they reason that people will be fleeing to the precious metals for safety. You have some quoting astronomical prices for the precious metals. Even silver they say will reach four figures. You have an equal number of pundits wringing their hands and saying the strong dollar and stock market will doom the precious metals. They see prices cratering, the price of gold falling to less than half of what it is today. But does Trump really matter? We have had both Republicans and Democrats in office and still the manipulation schemes have gone on for thirty years. No one at the banks who have participated in the manipulation scheme has gone to jail. Keith Neumeyer in the following article estimates the damage inflicted by the manipulators and profits amount to Multi-Billions of Dollars:
Damage In Precious Metals Manipulation Is Mult-Billions-Keith Neumeyer

So why would the Banks and the manipulators stop when they can rake in billions and only pay a paltry fine of several million dollars and no one goes to jail?

Trump is selecting CEO’s, millionaires and billionaires in his cabinet. They are heading agencies they are opposed to and all are against regulation. Some of his cabinet and advisers are the same Wall Street people who were architects of the crash and manipulation schemes. So I don’t see a rise in precious metals prices coming from a serious effort on the part of the government to end the manipulation schemes and bring criminal charges against the Banks and Wall Street perpetrators. Trump’s administration seems like nothing less than a corporate coup d’etat with the corporations crushing any hope for true price discovery.

However I do see the rise in precious metals coming from fear. Fear that the irrational actions and not well thought out actions of President Trump will cause chaos and uncertainty in the marketplace that will cause prices of precious metals to rise.

It is my belief that the rise caused by uncertainty in the marketplace will prevail over the damage Trump can do by not perusing criminal charges or enforcing regulation. It’s hard to vote against the record of JP Morgan who has a 100% record of positive precious metals trades over an 8 year period. People like Ted Butler and GATA have been reporting on the manipulation schemes for 20 years and predicting their demise. It’s hard to go against an entity like JP Morgan that has unlimited money and unlimited time.

But I think there are larger societal and demographic forces what will force the change. The next turning will upend a lot of the establishment beliefs in what they believe will happen. It might be wishful thinking but I feel something stirring in the country. I feel there is a growing recognition of the manipulation schemes and the cost to the average investor. Twenty years ago when Ted Butler was telling the world that there was manipulation in the precious metals markets people thought he was crazy. Well they don’t think that anymore. His accusations have been vindicated by the admission of guilt by Deutsche Bank in the manipulation schemes. The LIBOR scandal is further evidence that the regulators who were supposed to protect the markets were asleep at the job.

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