5 thoughts on “What’s the best way to invest in base metals?”

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  3. Space Invader101

    They are a good bet right now. It’s best to monitor them on weekly charts. This filters out volatility to see the trend.

    There’s a few ways. On the New York stock exchange, you could buy an exchange traded fund for base metals or invest in a mining company.

    A good base metal ETF:
    – Powershares DB Base Metals ETF (DBB)

    A key ingredient to steel is iron ore. Since the Chinese don’t have this in their own country, they buy from Australian mining companies.

    The two main iron ore minors are BHP Billton and Rio Tinto. They are the 1st and 3rd biggest miners in the world. Their shares aren’t cheap, but do included dividends and are amongst Australia’s biggest blue-chip companies. They are also listed on the London and New York stock exchanges.

    NYSE ticker codes:

    BHP – BHP Billton
    RTP – Rio Tinto

  4. You say you know very little about investing…. yet you want to invest in a narrow, select portion of the market that reflects little importance to “asset allocation”. I suggest you take the time to earn about the market before you simply take a gamble.

    I bet you don’t have a good understanding of position sizing either. This “lack” of understanding will easily help you get to the #1 reason most people are not successful in investing………

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