Where To Buy American Silver Eagle Coins And Get Paid In The Process

American Eagle Silver Coins are smart investments, highly collectible in nature and memorable keepsakes or gifts. Of all the silver coins ever minted throughout the history of the United States, the American Silver Eagle dollars are certainly one of the most beautiful.

It is the United State Mint’s Dollar coin made of silver bullion for collectors. It has been minted since 1986. The coin paved the way for silver and gold bullion coins to be sold to the general public. Due to the fact that the purity, content, and actual weight of these coins are certified by the United States government, they have been deemed the official silver bullion of the U.S and are sought after by investors and bullion coin enthusiasts around the globe.

One side of the American Silver Eagle coin has been borrowed from the Walking Liberty half dollar, and was developed by Adolph Weinman. Most people think that this depiction is most attractive designs ever created for a silver coin, so it was an appropriate selection. Sculptor John Mercanti designed the other side of the coin, which reflects an eagle carrying a shield.

The Numismatic Industry And Authenticity Certification

The definition of numismatic is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects, thus the collection of coins. In short, a regular bullion coin issued by the US (or any other) government that has been certified for authenticity by an independent third party, to work out its value the specialist will need to consider its weight and purity. Once it has been approved and passed off as authentic it will then be packaged ultrasonically ready to enter the ever increasing coin market. The Sheldon Scale is the quality scale used to grade each and every coin. This is a grading system that goes from 1 to 70 where 70 is the highest grade and represents a near perfect coin. The value of the coin is significantly affected by the quality grade of the coin. For this reason it is very important that a coin be judged by a uniform standard. That is why the industry of numismatists has some standard grading system which are PCGS, NGS and ANACS. It is these three third party grading companies that certify the coins using the Sheldon Scale.

Silver & Gold prices have recently dramatically increased and people know that these coins are a real value. While the paper dollar is believed to be loosing its value, therefore the desire for people to secure much of their assets in gold and silver. As a opposed to buying directly from a traditional coin dealer or going to Ebay and similar websites, the Network Marketing Industry appears to be creating a new marketplace for purchasing these coins. Now you can buy rom someone you know similar in concept of Avon consumable products. You can select to purchase at a preferred customer rate which is less than retail or become a home based retailer for further financial incentives, but now you can enjoy cost savings on these collectibles.

New Consumer Trend Captures The Eye Of The Network Marketing Industry.

Not until recently has the Network Marketing Industry taken on the challenge of this level of certified graded coins. There have been been a few Network Marketing companies who have sold low grade bullion coins or collectibles in prepaid phone cards and Art Portraits but for the most part the industry Network Marketing companies primarily stayed with consumable health and nutritional products or other traditional products. Commodities because of unstable pricing were generally taboo. Modern issued certified graded coins allows greater affordable access to owning to the general public as compared to vintage silver and gold coins.

Why Not Get Paid As You Build Your Silver and Gold Collection

Simply put, network marketing is a means of distribution that allows you to earn income from the efforts of many. It’s through this ‘leveraging’ of your time that allows you to earn unlimited income; income that can continue to flow even when you are not working. Some of the benefits of network marketing include: being able to set your own hours, the ability to earn unlimited income, low start up cost, and no stocking of inventory – just to name a few. Of course, you can have fun and make a lot of new friends, while you earn money too!

The Network Marketing Industry now affords an individual an opportunity to open up their own online coin shopping mall. Supplied by the right company that does a form of drop shipping product to a buyers doorstep yields loads of opportunity for a home based business entrepreneur. No need to stock product because you have an online catalog of products. Sell retail or set up a preferred customer base for special pricing to a loyal buying list. network marketing is a means of distribution that allows you to earn income from the efforts of many. It’s through this ‘leveraging’ of your time that allows you to earn unlimited income; income that can continue to flow even when you are not working. Leverage your sales volume by adding a network of similar affiliate sellers and your group sales volume could be huge. Plus as a home based business owner you have income tax deduction options.

As long as you are in the mindset that Numismatic coins could have a fluctuating spread due the changes in pricing for silver and gold, but you should think in terms of collectible for long term holding of 2 to 10 years. As a Network Marketing home based business participant you would have and option to earn these coins. Learn how to Brand yourself and generate leads both online and offline. The collectible money niche could be a very lucrative venture.

Autoships in modern issued graded collectible silver and gold coins are less likely to be cancelled, if you are getting these high demand coins at the wholesale price versus retail So whether you got a commission or not chances are you will keep ordering and your business will have a high retention rate with both your customers and affiliates. You cannot say that with most products and services.

Buy it as a Home-based Business owner with business income tax incentives or buy it as a preferred customer from your network marketing distributor. You have additional options other than the traditional Retail Dealer or Auction Websites to acquire these beautiful collectible coins.

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