Where would i get my research on technology and precious metals for stock investing?

i have been reading books and the stock market and they all seem to say its best in invest in what you know.

i dont know any thing!

so i figured i would choose 2 things to focus my attention on, metals, and technology. problem is in all my books i have not gotten to the place in thew books about where i do my research so perhaps you could give me some advice on that now.

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  1. Read the back 20-30 pages of Forbes (the smaller articles) and technology related magazines like "Discover", "Scientific American" even "Popular Science" occasionally coughs up a jewel.

    READ EXTENSIVELY to find the original leads. FOLLOW THEM.

    My wife found out about a medical company from an article in Discover. We heavily researched the company and the technology they were working on (mostly on-line). The company was recently bought out for more than a 100% profit.

    Do a lot of web research, follow technology links, find out about related and competing technologies and make you investment decisions ONLY after you feel the company has what investors call a "COMPELLING STORY"

    You can call investor relations for information but remember the stuff they send is like a big commercial. Follow all the links including the ones about competing companies and the "risks".

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