Why you should invest in precious metals

When paper money is devalued what will you have to trade for goods or services. Trust in Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, nickel, aluminum, brass, lead 😉 its all good! I do not own any of this video all credit goes to its makers. The full video can be seen here www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbUIlH0stSc

10 thoughts on “Why you should invest in precious metals”

  1. @datzfast Yeah, I’ve seen the AMERO money on that Hal what’s his name show …
    The Bank-gansters have plans for us, and it’s not for our own good like they’ll say.

  2. the amero dollar has not been introduced yet but is expected nex year, it will be used in canada US and mexico. we will never use gold because you cannot replace 7 tillion in paper for 7 trillion in yellow gloden metal

  3. @datzfast
    Euro Dollar? Never heard of it. In European Union most countries use €URO – here in Sweden where I live we still have Swedish crowns, but the politicians are working hard to centralize power in Bruxelles and get us to accept the €URO despite of the fact that people had voted NO.

  4. I remember as a kid in former Yugoslavia in the late 80’s my parents came home from work with weekly salary in big plastic bags. I went to the store to buy me ice-cream one morning which cost 700 Dinars, later that same day the same ice-cream went up to 900 Dinars! That was just prior to the bloodiest war in Europe since WW2.

  5. Fucking Americans, they abolished the gold trade!
    For each bill you had to have the same amount of gold to cover it…

  6. Before too long we will be back to gold standard. Printing money solves nothing. Thanks for the fuck up Mugabe. You destroyed your own country. Idiot.

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