Ways to invest in the precious metal Rhodium?

I am interested in investing in the precious metal Rhodium. I have discovered the RhodiumCoin dot com website of the Cohen Mint and like the coins they offer. Unfortunately at the moment they are priced over double the current market value of the metal. The max premium I have ever paid for a Gold Coin was about 20 to 25% over the spot price of gold and that was only because it was a very old and rare coin. Are there any other ways to invest in Rhodium either through the physical bullion, through stocks in companies with heavy or direct exposure to the Rhodium price, or through something like an ETF with heavy or direct exposure? Cheers!

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Why invest in precious metals

Why is investing in precious metals such a good idea? There are too many reasons to be all-inclusive. The best reason is that due of current economic and world events it’s the only place park your money. Uncertainty has become the common theme and we are told to believe that the situation is getting better, but the its hard to believe from current events. These days to invest in the stock market you need nerves of steel and a supply of antacid medicine. The past ten year return for stocks has been 0%, that is if you were not lucky enough to invest in the Nasdaq in 2000, which has not recouped 50% of its value in March 2000. The truth is that returns for stock during the ten years was negative when you factor in the effects of inflation.  This was during a ten-year period when corporate profits and real estate was growing substantially. Now, that the world economy is in recession and both the real estate market and corporate profits are falling, stocks are not asset class to invest in.

Gold on the other hand has gone up four times in price since 2000 as investor realize that the precious metal because they feel it is represents value. On a historical perspective when adjusted for inflation gold is still undervalued.  Investors are now purchasing more of the precious metal as both as an investment and hedge in uncertain times.  The trend is clear, as nations such as China and India have made large acquisitions recently to protect their wealth. Gold is a depleting asset and limited in supply, mining production and new fields have been decreasing putting/exerting greater pressure on the price of the metal.

The trends in gold are evident/clear and with each passing day as economic uncertainty increases additional investors are flocking to gold to both invest and protect their wealth.





Max easly is a trader with 30 years experience


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I want to invest in precious metals (gold) and foreign currency. What is the most efficient way to do this?

How can I use my 401k to invest in those precious metals? Like Gold, and Silver?

I’m 25, and I opened a 401k in NC at 20, so I have an NC401k. I don’t know how to use it as far as investing goes. However, I have been hearing good things about investing in gold and silver. So can I use my NC401k to invest in gold? How do I do that?

Why Invest in Metals?

There has never been a better time than now to get involved in the trade and investment in metals. As the old saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. With scrap metal that’s definitely the case, and at the very lowest level it is possible to monetize your investment from a number of different sources. Aside from that, metal investment is seen as a safe haven from riskier investments in times of crisis, which has naturally become particularly relevant since the sub-prime mortgage sector collapse and the resulting stock market unrest throughout the later months of 2007. In this article we will look at why investment in metals may be a valuable proposition, and why it may be favoured over other investment strategies.

Scrap metal is a valuable commodity for the simple reason that it can be resold in parts to other dealers, or eventually melted down and recycled for resale. From there, a commodity trade has emerged where investors from around the world are drawn towards buying up scrap metal with a view to providing a stable return on their investment later down the line. Because recycled metal is and always will be in demand, there is a ready buyers market alongside those selling, which makes the scrap economy tick over relatively smoothly.

Investment in metals is usually considered to be a ‘safe-haven’ in times of economic trouble, like at present with the fallout from the subprime sector crash in the US. Metal, because it is a valuable commodity in its own right, is rarely affected by wider economic factors, unlike the stock market or as we’ve seen recently, debt securitization. For that reason, investors usually flock to the metal market when other economic signs start to take a turn for the worse, as a safe and sustainable way of investing long term outside of high risk investment strategies. Scrap won’t take a tumble because of inflation or recession because it is a vital commodity that will always serve a purpose to someone – even if that is just through melting down to sell to recycling plants.

Another great reason to get involved in metals at the moment is the rapid growth in demand from emerging markets in Asia, like China and India, which are both consuming significant quantities of metals with an insatiable demand, to fuel their economic growth and build their commercial and social infrastructures as they continue to grow. For this reason, metal is in more demand than ever before pushing prices through the roof and giving prudent investors an excellent return on their money, without jeopardising the safety of their investment portfolios.

If you’ve never considered metal investing, there really is no better time than the present to make your move in to the market. For a safe investment that isn’t overly affected by external factors with rapidly growing demand from Asia in particular fuelling price growth, the scrap metal trade is becoming an increasingly popular and wise addition to the investment portfolio.

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How much money should you invest in Precious Metals like silver and gold for your portfolio?

about what percentage is good for your portfolio when investing in physical gold and silver.

Investing in Silver – are Silver Rounds a Good Way to Invest in Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion rounds are simply another name for silver coins. The term round came about because the silver was shaped into coins and thus was able to be stacked into rolls. This made it convenient for the coins to be handled and shipped. You’ll often see them referred to as silver art rounds because they can be purchased inscribed with a variety of designs ranging from commemorative, religious, military, cars, holidays, weapons, animals, presidents, and even Elvis!


You can buy silver rounds in sizes ranging from one ounce to over one hundred ounces. The one ounce variety is the most popular.
Each silver round coin contains one full ounce of pure silver.
It has a purity of .999 fine silver.
It is not government-backed and has no legal tender status.


Silver bullion rounds are available in both name-brand and generic.

Name-brand silver rounds include the one-ounce private mint produced A-Mark Precious Metals, Wall Street Mint and Sunshine Minting. These silver rounds will display the name or hallmark of the mint that manufactured them.

Generic silver rounds are produced by a variety of small, little-known firms as well as those produced over the years by companies that may or may not still be in business. They typically have a smaller markup than the name-brand silver rounds.

Most Valuable:

Engelhard Silver Prospectors is the one ounce silver round that is most sought after by collectors. It was minted by Engelhard but has not been produced since 1988. This silver round is difficult to obtain and occasionally can be purchased on the secondary market.

Reasons to Buy:

Silver rounds are readily available.
They typically sell for a lower premium than government-backed silver bullion coins.
The value of the rounds is directly correlated to the current price of silver.
Their small size makes them perfect coins for bartering.


Silver bullion rounds are affordable, easy to store, count, buy and sell. They are an excellent way for the small investor or collector to invest directly in pure silver bullion.

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Is it wise to invest in precious metals?

I heard they are high risk. I haven;t followed them though. Is it wise to invest in precious metals?

What’s the best way to invest in base metals?

I believe that the base metals (tin, steel, etc.) are a good bet right now. I know very little about investing. What would be the best way to invest in base metals.

Is it possible to invest in 401k using precious metal commodity?

With the news of uncertainty about the state of financial market in terms of stability, and when it does hit the market hard, the banks facing the catastrophe will not allow withdrawal of cash from the individual and business accounts, will the holding of precious metal in the deposit of the trustworthy holder (mutual fund company or other) allow APY (annual percentage yield) in compound interest on precious metal and jewelry (lucrative gems & rare minerals) holding depending on the current market demand for precious metals (fine gold, silver, platinum, etc)? Or does compound interest apply only to paper currency in saving and investment?