Ways to invest in the precious metal Rhodium?

I am interested in investing in the precious metal Rhodium. I have discovered the RhodiumCoin dot com website of the Cohen Mint and like the coins they offer. Unfortunately at the moment they are priced over double the current market value of the metal. The max premium I have ever paid for a Gold Coin was about 20 to 25% over the spot price of gold and that was only because it was a very old and rare coin. Are there any other ways to invest in Rhodium either through the physical bullion, through stocks in companies with heavy or direct exposure to the Rhodium price, or through something like an ETF with heavy or direct exposure? Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Ways to invest in the precious metal Rhodium?”

  1. You could look into Stillwater Mining Stock “SWC” closed @$6.49 today. As an anticdote to your interest in Rhodium, I was once (a long time ago) involved in a project that would consume 1/12 of the worlds supply.

  2. Apparently they are minted by Cohen Mint but I couldn’t find them on Google!! Try ‘phoning Johnson Mathey. (oh, sorry you have mentioned all that)
    They say they are difficult to mint so there may be a premium (sorry, you’ve mentioned that!). Is there a two-way market? Check that out. Why not buy ETF in Platinum or Palladium. Aren’t they used for much the same thing, catalytic converters?

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