Australian Lunar Gold Coins (Feb. 16, 2009)

I’m a big fan of anything put out by the Perth Mint of Australia. I think they mint some of the nicest coins around. Apmex currently has a supply of 1/10 & 1/20 oz gold lunars which might be hard to find pretty soon.

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7 thoughts on “Australian Lunar Gold Coins (Feb. 16, 2009)”

  1. 6oz is a million time better than NONE like how kingratass mentioned! I just jumped on the silver boat recently and i’m just gonna work my way up slowly,

  2. dont get down on yourself, im sure there are well off/rich people without that much silver in their hands who think their money is perfectly safe sitting in the bank

  3. Darn i wish i was rich (or at least have enough money to buy the kind of stuff you got) I mean… i struggle just buying 6 oz. of silver!

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