Invest in silver? Real value as money, large & growing industrial and Medical Demand

Here is a video on solid reasons why I am investing in silver in these difficult times and you should be too. I hope you can get some useful information from this video. Enjoy and please comment!

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25 thoughts on “Invest in silver? Real value as money, large & growing industrial and Medical Demand”

  1. imagine if the whole population woke up from their fiat stupor…actually silver is scarcer than gold…Germany wanted to buy gold this week and the dealers were all out…next best thing is silver

  2. Yeah, the euro paper currency is pretty cheap looking. I spent 2 years in the Euro-zone and I never did figure out which is the front side and which is the back of the euro bank notes. But I did like the Euro coins a lot.

  3. @elucidative Yes they are so take advantage of it NOW whilst you still can. I have been encouraging anyone I know for years now to convert assets into Gold or Silver bullion. And do so here again

  4. I hope everyone in Europe takes a look at how the FR has treated the US. If the Euro is controlled by a PRIVATELY HELD BANK, then over time you WILL be F’d over. I agree with this video.

  5. Hello from California, you are right on, I am buying Philharmonics, Maples, & Eagles it is better that that fiat currency backed by a printing press !!

  6. Every time I buy a small affordable amount of silver I feel more safe and sound! Good job in taking control of your money and good luck you all of you in Europe. I’m in Canada and doing the same thing… I will never trust a government again.

  7. @wunderbeast Hey sorry for my delayed response. No I do not think gold is a bad investment at all. I was simply stating that it is my opinion that there is more upside potential in silver; I think the percentage increase in the price of silver will be more than that of gold. Having said that, I think either one is a good investment. Just make sure you are purchasing a recognized bar that is from a respected and recognized refinery. And of course, own the real physical stuff, not just some etf!:)

  8. Nonkel. very good informative video with some interesting facts. Everything you say makes perfect sense. Silver is a safe bet & as you say silver so undervalued and cheap. Well worth buying some before it climbs rapidly which ive no doubt it will do & that could happen overnight.
    Silver uses are on the increase such as servicemens uniforms, socks & lots of things even plasters for cuts!!!!

  9. Nonkel. its simple silver spot price has doubled in 5 years, has anyones savings done this? i doubt it. Ive been buying silver 999 grade for 2 years & no1 i know buys silver but they all complain about what their cash is earning them. They wont listen to me but my silver investment is worth way more than i paid 2 years ago. No one has to put all of their savings into silver but why not buy some 2 save for the longterm. People are just affraid of losing £$ but silver will never be worth nothing.

  10. TheYoungRepublican1

    Money does have value! it costs about 8cents to make a 100 dollar bill! ahahah nice job keep stacking

  11. This is a year old and still holds true. If you value gold/silver in Euros the price is at all time highs due to the buying power of the fiat paper money.

    Metals are the best investment in the world. Regardless where you live, it is real money that can be exchanged for goods and services. The demand for silver will increase much more soon as the world becomes more digital with mcrochips and medical devices.

  12. Silver/precious metals are a hedge against inflation. Everyone uses paper money and like Nonkel said, you can’t live without it. However silver will maintain is value, even when the dollar/euro or whatever currency is devalued. An example would be a gallon of gas. In California its around $3 a gallon. A silver quarter however currently has $3.12 of silver. So essentially a gallon of gas costs “25¢” in silver. Hope that helped.

  13. Hi again, is silver investing quite easy in Europe? For some reason in Japan, NO ONE is doing it~!! I mean you can not find a place to even buy a physical Silver rounds and bars. Everyone is into either Gold or ETF. Its so crazy… everyone is into saving paper money. Why is that ?

  14. Hi, I understand about physical metal is more valuable than fake paper / ink money. Okey, you get the metals in your hand, now what? Do you hold on to it forever? Or at some point will you turn them back into a fake money again? Then, what ?

  15. Yes silver is a good investment. to bad american coins are no longer made of gold and silver. and it very embarising that what our coins are made of are worth more than the face value of the coin its self. 🙁

  16. i buy dollar cost averaging. i buy 5 ounces each month no matter what the price, but i do make sure i get the lowest price in terms of premium, so i buy name brand private mints like engelhard, sunshine, amark, silvertowne, and i do buy eagles and maples, that is it. i keep mine in house near my gun in a heavy safe.

  17. yes, labor is worth metal not paper. dont pay me in fiat paper, but pay me for my labor in silver bullion.

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