Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan

I don’t ask for my videos to be forwarded and spread often, but this is one that really needs to get out there. This is the only video with all the currently known information that I know of. Thanks for rating, commenting, favouriting, and sharing this extremely important info! LINK A LINK B LINK C (click the icon on the bottom left) LINK D LINK E (click the icon on the bottom left) LINK F UPDATES: If you google any of the names from this story (such as Andrew Maguire) you see the story is hitting almost all the news sites, other than the mainstream media for the most part. But with continued exposure, they won’t be able to keep it from the masses much longer! The above NYPost article (April 11th) is huge and contains a new interview with Andrew Maguire. The MSM is finally unable to avoid reporting this any longer. This story isn’t going away! May 1 – Breaking News! JPMorgan under investigation for silver market manipulation!!!

25 thoughts on “Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan”

  1. of the cell phones, cars etc. that eat up silver to continue. It would be interesting to know how much JPM is leveraged in these industries as well. Since there intire business is based on numbers I am sure they would have figured how to take a loss on silver to keep prices down yet make the gains in the final production…

  2. @drutter the guys at the Morgan Report recently did an interview and they were talking about physical silver vs. gold that is left in the world. Since gold is not consumed aprox. 90% of all gold ever mined is still around today. Though silver is more commonly found then gold there is much less left in the world due to consumption. they say aprox 3 billion ounces of gold is left vs. 1 billion of silver so the leveraging of 100:1 keeps this price down as best as possible to allow production

  3. @ChrisPCrunchy
    I see what you’re saying. But you forgot to include the fact that silver is FAR more manipulated downward than gold is. If that manipulation ends, silver will have massive upside moves dwarfing gold’s. Perhaps it will return to the normal gold:silver ratio of 15:1 from its current 65:1.

  4. @matjstc So true, I think that gold has a more pure role as money because it has so few commercial uses. When the wheels fall off fraudulent paper money, manufacturing will also collapse and as silver has so many uses in manufacturing, that demand will be reduced and silver will rise less than Gold. Silver will still be a good play but maybe not as good as gold.

  5. Just bought physical silver…..i cant wait for the reckoning! would have bought gold but i believe that silver prices have been easier to manipulate due to its lower market size in the commodities market. fiat currency is dead.

  6. Simple, Buy only physical gold and silver. There is very little actual physical gold left in the vaults of the manipulators, The US holding have not been audited since the 50s and any attempt to do so are blocked. It has been ” swapped” out of existence. The Emporer has no cloths and is now being exposed as such. Get aboard before it is too late.

  7. I really do hope you continue this clear and insightful presentation of current concealed events. Maintaining an ethic of deep reflection may very well bring out your best attributes thus potentially reaching rational people searching answers.

  8. @jeson86
    Sources you might want to look into are the stories of Cathrine Austin Fitts and the HUD escapades or Carol Marshall’s “The Last Circle” a meticulously researched book you can find online.

    Does anyone recall the raid on the “Liberty Dollar”? What a co-incidence happening weeks after striking coinage in full production on a commemorative issue of Rep. Ron Paul during the peak of his Presidential campaign. Let’s not forget the charges against Dr. Douglas Jackson e-gold
    Look around you

  9. @drutter
    The evidence is systemic and best described by Richard Andrew Grove (see: 20/20/ Hindsight -Censorship on the Frontline) The fraud that is perpetrated on “We the People” is so broad in scope it causes most to experience cognitive dissidence. “they dumped him for some reason”
    That adage: “some reason” is what people need to be educated on if were to see any significant change. Sorry for the pun. Unfortunately, the fourth Estate has been usurped. We the people need to take it all back

  10. @jeson86 “So, what’s new?”
    The CTFC admitted it is manipulated at their own meeting.

    But, honestly I don’t understand the obsession with Andrew McGuire.

  11. Thank you very much for making this video, and sure I will fwd. I heard news on a plane to NY a few days ago that the US currency is being reprinted in paper because of how many fake bills are out there made in China and other countries. … there is a delay in doing this because of arguments as to which president is even worthy. Victoria

  12. @drutter Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Unless they remove the video, it will continue to be spread and seen. After all, I received it from a friend and I’ll be sending it to others.

    Yours is an excellent presentation; your collation of these facts is first-rate and your narration is very easy on the ear. Keep up the great work.

  13. @drutter 2. Don’t get me wrong I stock some physicals. But not much. For the beginners, you should know how to dispose all your physical before getting them. But if you want to make money off from the market, trade paper silver. Very liquid. No hassle.

  14. @drutter, But you have to ask yourself, “Why only now Maguire has decided to rock the boat?” My gut feeling is, because Maguire is not receiving any signals from the Morgan boys.. Maguire is losing out of the party. Or Maguire is taking a long position. The data from GATA suggested all along that the Metals Market is manipulated. So, what’s new?

  15. @jeson86
    Restating the story that way (ie: incorrectly) doesn’t change it, sorry. Out of over 50 thousand viewers, most of them hardcore skeptics and doubters, you’re the first to attempt to cast doubt on it. So I think it’s your comment that will be taken with a pinch of salt. :p

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