Silver Needed by Manufacturers to Rebuild Inventories

Late last week, Chintan Parikh, a commodity analyst for CPM Group in New York, wrote that he expects the price of silver to rise significantly in 2010. The reason for his conclusion is that manufacturers who use silver in their products began rebuilding their inventories over the past few weeks. In the economic downturn of the last couple of years, fabricators have decreased their silver inventories to help with cash flow. The reductions were so severe that Parikh thinks it may take six months of aggressive purchasing to restore their silver inventories to normal levels. Parikh notes that global industrial demand for silver is continuing to grow over time. He expects that demand from manufacturers will be inelastic, which means that they will be buyers of silver no matter how high the price rises.

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14 thoughts on “Silver Needed by Manufacturers to Rebuild Inventories”

  1. This has been the known position among silver bugs for sometime…the problem is, that the economy really isnt recovering at all and continuing its slide into the abyss. Add the fact that it is a heavily manipulated market by our nice men from the government, it makes a tough road upward for the near term. Just look at the last 3 weeks what silver prices have done. Our day in the sun will come, it just wont be for several months at least. Great find and thanks.

  2. lonestarskywatcher

    Good research find…never thought about that happening even though I knew through stella ‘s vids. et. al. that silver has lots of industrial uses.

  3. @GuildF40

    yes… I prefer to listen to him than do my own research. I wonder though why it takes so long for silver to go higher

  4. what’s in a name ? (don’t look at mine haha)
    It can be a natural barrier for prejudged people with quick assumptions 😉
    Enjoy your weekend, I go polish my bars lol

  5. Thank you, I appreciate it. I actually never planned on doing this, one of the reasons I have an unorthodox name, lol. But I’m always digging and want to post my findings. 🙂 Thanks again.

  6. “used in lots of products”. “have to have it” in their products. inelastic demand = very bullish

  7. I wonder if they’re getting while the getting is good? Isn’t there a move to end the silver shorts coming VERY soon? They’d better load the boat, if they want silver in this price range. So, for that matter, should the rest of us! =^[.]^=

  8. thank you Bluecat, since a few months Im a frequent viewer of your uploads and I want to let you know that your uploads are highly appreciated. Further I want to compliment you for mentioning recources and in special giving credits to other YT users with earlier uploads about the same subject. No ego just plain truth here.. that’s the highway to real freedom 🙂 take care and respect

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