How Many People Own Physical Precious Metals?

We see governments around the world cranking up the speed dials on the money printing presses further devaluing paper currency. We are told that a public works project built in 1932 for a cost of $20 million dollars equates to $3.2 Billion dollars in today’s money. What does that tell you about the shrinking value of the paper dollar? Adding physical precious metals to your investments portfolio is a good way to diversify yourself away from paper. But how many people actually do? In this interview with Reed Larsen, CEO of the American Gold Reserve, asks David Morgan, Editor of the Morgan Report, “How many people in the US own precious metals?”

Make sure you consult with your financial adviser before making any investments. All investments carry some potential of risk and their suitability vary depending upon your individual situation. Although the information presented here is believed to be accurate we make no guarantees as to its accuracy or completeness.
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Investing in Gold Bullion

During these times of economic hardship, there is a high demand for stable and reliable investments. Both experienced and novice investors are turning to precious metals, and more specifically gold bullion as a way to add stability to their portfolio. Gold has been recognized as a status symbol for centuries, from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans through to the modern day. It is highly sought after, and maintains its value through recessions and even depressions in the economy. It is a universally accepted currency, is highly durable, and will not wear out passing form hand to hand. Here we will outline how you can add gold to your portfolio.

To understand how to invest in gold, you must first understand how the price of gold is determined. The standard benchmark price for gold is the London Gold Fixing. It is set twice daily by telephone by the five members of the London Gold Pool. Like most other forms of investments, gold prices will fluctuate through supply and demand cycles. However, because the world’s total supply of gold is relatively finite the price is more susceptible to acts of hoarding and disposing. We find in general that gold becomes more desirable during the following situations, war and national crisis, bank failures and dramatic drops in real estate prices. Many people invest in gold simply because they do not trust normal currency and see gold bullion as a form of safety net.

There are many ways to invest in gold, which includes either direct ownership, or indirect ownership through stocks, shares or other accounts. If you wish to own gold directly you can choose to place it in a safe deposit bank inside your home. The disadvantage to this is if your home is burgled or suffers a disaster you will lose your investment. There are safer forms of direct ownership, such as placing the gold in a larger pool with a bank or dealer. Some even choose to select an offshore dealer to ensure higher security. The most traditional form of gold bullion is gold bars and gold coins. Gold bars are sold in various sizes depending on the country. Because gold bars are difficult to transport most Swiss banks offer gold accounts. In these accounts you can buy and sell the gold just like any other form of foreign currency.

So next time you are evaluating your investment portfolio, consider gold bullion as a way to add stability and further your peace of find.

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Ways to invest in the precious metal Rhodium?

I am interested in investing in the precious metal Rhodium. I have discovered the RhodiumCoin dot com website of the Cohen Mint and like the coins they offer. Unfortunately at the moment they are priced over double the current market value of the metal. The max premium I have ever paid for a Gold Coin was about 20 to 25% over the spot price of gold and that was only because it was a very old and rare coin. Are there any other ways to invest in Rhodium either through the physical bullion, through stocks in companies with heavy or direct exposure to the Rhodium price, or through something like an ETF with heavy or direct exposure? Cheers!

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Investing In Silver And Other Precious Metals

There are several factors to consider before investing in silver and other precious metals. Listed below are some general guidelines to follow.

Contact your local coin dealer. Do an online search and see if the shops have both silver and gold coins. If they do, take note of their dealership since you may do business with them in the future. Talk to the dealer on the phone and get as much information as possible. Establish a good business relationship with the person you’re speaking with.

Know the price of silver and gold before attempting to buy. Silver and gold prices generally fluctuate every day so know when to go in. You can do this by studying the prices of silver and gold before buying.

To determine which method of silver purchase is best for you, know the size of the investment you wish to make. If a small quantity is needed like a few thousand ounces or less, find a secure means of storage. Use a safe deposit box. If you plan to invest more than the secure storage will store or you can’t find a secure storage, buy silver from a general silver pool.

There are different kinds of silver. Which type is best to own? Silver bullion can be found in either bars or rounds. The bars come in 1 ounce (oz.), 10 oz., 100 oz., and 1,000 oz. weights. The bars are individually weighed and their actual weight is stamped on the top and side.

Remember that 1,000 oz. bars must be redeemed in entirety. When dealing with a few thousand ounces or less, a mixture of 1, 10, and 100 oz. bars are probably best. Only when storing a huge amount of wealth should 1,000 oz. bars be considered.

Assurance Trading is one of the leading precious metals brokerages in the country. We have 30 years of experience in helping investors form a strategy for the ever-changing economic conditions. We can custom build your strategy for investing in precious metals to meet your goals.

We also offer a free investor kit to introduce you to the precious metals and rare coin markets.  Read more about us here Gold Trading Blog to find out why Gold may be a good choice of investments for you.

Why invest in precious metals

Why is investing in precious metals such a good idea? There are too many reasons to be all-inclusive. The best reason is that due of current economic and world events it’s the only place park your money. Uncertainty has become the common theme and we are told to believe that the situation is getting better, but the its hard to believe from current events. These days to invest in the stock market you need nerves of steel and a supply of antacid medicine. The past ten year return for stocks has been 0%, that is if you were not lucky enough to invest in the Nasdaq in 2000, which has not recouped 50% of its value in March 2000. The truth is that returns for stock during the ten years was negative when you factor in the effects of inflation.  This was during a ten-year period when corporate profits and real estate was growing substantially. Now, that the world economy is in recession and both the real estate market and corporate profits are falling, stocks are not asset class to invest in.

Gold on the other hand has gone up four times in price since 2000 as investor realize that the precious metal because they feel it is represents value. On a historical perspective when adjusted for inflation gold is still undervalued.  Investors are now purchasing more of the precious metal as both as an investment and hedge in uncertain times.  The trend is clear, as nations such as China and India have made large acquisitions recently to protect their wealth. Gold is a depleting asset and limited in supply, mining production and new fields have been decreasing putting/exerting greater pressure on the price of the metal.

The trends in gold are evident/clear and with each passing day as economic uncertainty increases additional investors are flocking to gold to both invest and protect their wealth.





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Surprise, Surprise-energy, Precious Metals and Base Metals Will be in Demand in the Coming Years

Today, Morgan Stanley put out a number of comprehensive analyses discussing the demand for commodities and the outlook for some mining companies. In short, they remain bullish on many, but not all base metals and energy commodities, and the main reason is demand from China.

Those of you who have followed us for the last several years should know that this is an old theme for us, but one which is gaining more and more currency with investors globally. When big firms with a global following are pushing 75 page research reports to their wealthy clients about the demand from China and India for base metals and energy, you know a lot of buying will follow in these areas.

By the way, they raised their price objective for gold and the platinum group metals for 2007 and 2008 as well. We believe a large part of the increased demand for precious metals will come from the increased purchases by Chinese and other Asians [especially Indians] as they grow in wealth.

All of this continues to argue for a long-term increase in the huge quantity of assets, which will be invested in these areas in coming years. By these areas, we mean precious metals, energy and base metals.

Once the freight train of big money gets rolling into an investment theme, it is hard to stop.

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APMEX – The Gold Standard in Precious Metal Trading

APMEX President and Founder, Scott Thomas, provides an insight and overview of the precious metal ordering process at

where is a good chat or discussion group for “precious metal investing”?

where is a good chat or discussion group for “precious metal investing”

Investing In Precious Metals Helps You To Have A Financial Security

Following the economic decline in the last decade there are two key economic trends that can be visible to somebody looking at the various affected markets.   The primary trend is seen within the housing market as several people are abandoning their real estate investments since the mortgages they signed up for prior to the housing market decline are now much higher than the actual price of the home.   The second trend can be found in the new desire for people to attain precious metals in massive quantity.   

Even with the economic decline felt in the worldwide atmosphere, gold investments, silver investing and alternative precious metal investments were hardly affected.   This captured the attention of the many economic followers and placed a brand new emphasis on the need to gather commodities like gold investments and silver investing. With this reality in mind several people have found themselves asking what would represent the better investment, gold investments or silver investing.   

Gold investments have historically been thought of a leader in the precious metals world caused greatly by its higher price value and designer skills as seen in jewelry.   With this understanding of the price of gold investments it is common to search out several jewelers purchasing gold in bulk for the opportunity to soften it down and hold onto it for its long run investment opportunities.   It’s been simple for these firms to gather the gold investments as individuals are willing to part with gold pieces even at a low worth for an chance to realize cash.

The other investment that does not receive as much attention as gold investments will be found with silver investing.   You do not realize the same drive for silver investing as you are doing with gold investments and this is a blunder being made by several investors.   Silver investing is a slowly climbing commodity of price that several are underestimating and this is an opportunity for other investors to take advantage of.   

When commodities were 1st starting to be traded you’ll get fifty ounces of silver for the same value of one ounce of gold.   Nowadays you can get seventeen ounces of silver for one ounce of gold, displaying how silver investing is climbing a lot of quicker than gold investments.   This is due to the value of use found in silver investing.   As gold is utilized for ornamental accessories, silver is primarily utilized in technology such as phones and computers displaying its current high demand.   

To discover more on the benefits that are possible with gold investments and <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>silver investing</a> go to <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””></a>, that is an information disseminating company. This company helps investors to understand existing markets so they can make wise decisions with their help and years of experience.