How Many People Own Physical Precious Metals?

We see governments around the world cranking up the speed dials on the money printing presses further devaluing paper currency. We are told that a public works project built in 1932 for a cost of $20 million dollars equates to $3.2 Billion dollars in today’s money. What does that tell you about the shrinking value of the paper dollar? Adding physical precious metals to your investments portfolio is a good way to diversify yourself away from paper. But how many people actually do? In this interview with Reed Larsen, CEO of the American Gold Reserve, asks David Morgan, Editor of the Morgan Report, “How many people in the US own precious metals?”

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2 thoughts on “How Many People Own Physical Precious Metals?”

  1. So if you hold 100 ounces your set if only 1% holds it and there’s not enou for eveybody to own 1 ounce. Everything more will be what makes you richer.

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