Cyprus – The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, Your Money and the Precious Metals

On today we discuss Cyprus. It’s been in the news and I wanted to discuss the ramifications for your money and the precious metals. I think this is the second ground breaking shot against the confidence people have in their financial organizations. In many ways for governments these are desperate days and solutions that were formerly thought unthinkable are not only being considered but are being put into effect right before our eyes!

I’m not one to sound the crisis alarm like a lot of other people in the precious metals investing arena. I don’t believe in that financial apocolypse. But what I do believe is that there will be a new financial order. There will be new winners and and new losers. I just want the viewers here at to be in the winners corner. Find out more. Make sure you visit our resource pages where you can find some of the best experts in the precious metal investing arena.

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