Gold Manipulation Update – Gata Presentation

GATA details the government official documents that you can go to and read for yourself to see the supporting evidence of their claim of gold manipulation. You can find copies of many of these documents at the GATA Website.

I think peoples’ eyes are being opened to the fact that central banks have sold, leased, hypothocated and over committed the gold they claim to have.

The German bank requested back part of the gold they were storing at the NY Fed. The Fed told them that it would take 7 years for them to get back a fraction of the gold they had deposited at the Fed for “safe keeping”

Why? Could it be that they really don’t have it? Could it be that the call for an independent audit of the Federal Banks’ gold holdings and the gold held at Fort Knox is not such a crazy idea?

Why, in the face of what many feel is credible evidence, is there such a ferocious denial of manipulation by governments and central banks? The answer is easy when you think about it. Gold and silver provide an alternate store of value that has a real, and history has proved, sustained value. Fiat or paper currencies are loved by governments and central banks because they are easily manipulated. Are you the government and need more money? Just speed up the printing presses. Are you a central bank and need more profit? Banks create profit by creating debt they charge interest for. If you are a central bank all you need to create more debt and thus more profits is to loan out some of that newly minted money, although these days its often just computer digits.

Why should this be of interest to viewers here at If and when the manipulation is exposed and ends. If and when the central banks role in over committing gold it does not have is exposed. The precious metals could rise very rapidly. One of the speakers in the video believes that time is near and believes we could see $100 an ounce silver by the end of the year.

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