David Morgan, Silver Price, Hyperinflation, Interest Rates & Bond Prices

David Morgan, Silver Price, Hyperinflation, Interest Rates & Bond Prices

The manipulations and financial games in today’s markets like Quantitative Easing, TARP, TWIST, etc can not hide forever the reality that the system is crumbling. No matter what they call the newest program designed to prop things up, hide reality, put up a smoke screen you can’t beat back reality forever. David Morgan feels that the bull market in the commodities and the rise in metals

David Morgan feels silver would need to see about $16 and maintain that $16 for three days with high volume before he feels it would confirm its is in a bull market.

The bear market has lasted four or 5 years and been very severe. David believes that we are in extreme conditions today and there will be, at some time in the future, panic buying that will drive the prices up to historic levels.

David Morgan has repeatedly said that history shows typically 90% of the move in prices comes in the last 10% of the time.

Sometimes viewers here at www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com will comment on a video or podcast either I or a precious metals expert like David Morgan predicting the rise of precious metals. The write a few days after the post and say see you guys were wrong.

The precious metals are a volatile market that can be affected by things outside of the free market such as the market manipulation Deutsche Bank Admits Market Manipulation.

The best answer I’ve hear to the question of when is the right time for precious metals is this. The best time for Precious Metals is the LONG TIME. History has proven time and time again that over the long term the precious metals survive the collapse of fiat currencies, offer a real enduring source of value, and provide against the loss of value that money printing and currency debasement ALWAYS brings with it.

David also talks about the rebranding of his web site from www.silver-investor.com to www.themorganreport.com. David renamed the web site to be in keeping with the title of the report he has been producing. It also reflects the broadening of his focus to uranium and other sectors.

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