Gold & Silver Price Update – Deutsche Bank Admits – Silver Manipulation

Gold & Silver Price – Deutsche Bank Admits – Silver Manipulation

A few weeks ago Paul Mladjenovic and Ted Sudol discussed the Deutsche Bank admission of guilt in manipulating the precious metals prices. In our Titanic struggle Video here on we talked about the titanic struggle going on in the market and how it appeared that the power of the shorts to drive the price down and then pick up bargains was not as effective in the past. In April an enormous dumping on the market within a ten minute period that would have generated a downward slide in the prices that would continue going lower in the past – this time didn’t. The price didn’t keep going down. It wobbled a bit, firmed, and then started rising. This denied the shorts the bargains they expected.

So it was good to hear another precious metals expert echo the ideas we expressed.

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Deutsche Bank Admits Price Fixing
On the price fixing manipulation settlement: ANYONE LIVING IN CANADA SHOULD FOLLOW THIS LINK to participate in the settlement:

You may be entitled to a portion of the settlement in the lawsuit referenced above. I encourage everyone to work for the maximum amount they are entitled to. Similar class action suits will be coming in the United States and elsewhere.

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11 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Price Update – Deutsche Bank Admits – Silver Manipulation”

  1. total bullshit,manipulation will not end, silver price will stay the same ans change only as industrial needs arise, not monetary needs.

  2. I have some silver but will never be a silver bull; silver rallies are short live. The main argument that the silver bulls are pushing is the historical silver/gold ratio 16:1 which is now nearly 75:1 but they forget something; silver is no longer money and will never be again. 1,000 years ago a state could not make notes that could not be counterfeited, so silver was a logical choice between gold and copper. Imagine now that a fictive country, Gouruchistan, decides to back the national currency (the wxavuyrel) with gold. If anyone can exchange 1,000 wxavuyrel for 1/4 oz of gold at any bank, who will want to use silver coins?

  3. lol, i remember when i would visit las vegas and put a twenty dollar bill in the change machine only to get back morgan and peace dollars… those were the days, and it really wasnt that long ago…. oh how the time flies…

  4. Silver was at 83/1 silver to gold ratio. I think it's time to make the move for silver  for the small guys. even though the gold was set for this year at $ 1250 by 2017. Silver needs to catch up to 70/1 – 75-1 . should end up at close to $20-$25 an ounce. While gold will move up and down. platinum is another metal to watch along with palladium

  5. With all the extenuating circumstances with the dollar, gold/silver price fixing, 80:1 ratio and the fact that this is now a world wide phenomenon. I don't think silver at $50 will happen in 2020. I see this happening this year. And 2017 will be the big one maybe $150 an ounce. After that, 2018 could have moves as high as $1000 an ounce. But you won't want to convert your silver and gold to worthless paper. I see 2019-2020 a new currency backed by gold/silver which if covered fully at 100% will bring the profit most stackers are looking for. Until then, gold and silver will be the money…

  6. Haven't you noticed that around the time of London's Stock market opening , at 3am USA time zone , that the price of Silver and Gold takes a drastic dive , like falling of a cliff. This happens too often to be a coincidence. The Central Bank of London and the Federal Reserve Bank are sister banks. The world obviously are seeing what they are doing and they are growing tire of it..

  7. what should we look for as the next target? 17.70 to top year . then 18.25 trend . i think silver is happy at 17.90 for now . im just waiting on 17.70 . dont care how we get there

  8. Request… Can you do an overlay of gold and silver prices vs the dollar index? instead of the dollar itself? I've been looking for that, and can't find it anywhere. When people say the dollar is down… I think gold and silver must be up… Not always the case. For many people around the world gold and silver are at or near all time highs in their particular brand of phuny money

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