Deutsche Bank Admits Manipulation In the Precious Metals Markets

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Deutsche Bank Admits Manipulation In the Precious Metals Markets

The big news on is Deutsche Bank Admits Manipulation in the Precious Metals Markets. It has admitted guilt in a silver price fixing lawsuit. Even more important is that they have agreed to expose other manipulators.

Ted Butler has been investigating price fixing for 20 years in the precious metals markets.

Bill Murphy and Chris Powell in 1998 formed GATA the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee “to expose, oppose, and litigate against collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial instruments.”

So this has been a long hard fight to bring these manipulation schemes to light. Congratulations to all of those in the precious metals markets who fought to expose these manipulations in the face of denials and stonewalling by the regulatory organizations that were supposed to be the watchdogs.

The precious metals advocates who are heros in this story are almost too numerous to mention. People like Gerald Celente and websites like Precious Metals Experts like David Morgan of The Morgan Report and Mike Maloney of Rich Dad fame. If I have forgotten any that I should have mentioned please send an email to and I will make the needed edits and additions to this post.

On this Precious Metals Investing Podcast I talk with Paul Mladjenovic, author of Precious Metals Investing for Dummies and High Level Investing for Dummies about the manipulation in the Precious Metals markets and what he feels will be the effects for investors.

If we look to the past for some guidance we can see that a threat of a lawsuit against the big banks and suspected manipulators lead to a steep rise in precious metals prices. A settlement lead to a drop. But here we are in new territory. A major bank, Deutsche bank,admitted guilt in the silver price fixing lawsuit and further more agreed to exposing other banks that participated in the manipulation schemes.

Does this spell the end of the manipulation schemes in the precious metals markets? I certainly hope so. I think a a freer market will mean a truer price discovery for the precious metals.

For a long time the silver story has been very compelling. Increasing industrial use in electronics, solar energy, medical uses, low recovery rates and lower levels of production leading to smaller above ground stocks of silver.

The story of silver was very compelling and many silver advocates asked why in the face of all of these factors wasn’t silver higher. Now we know – Bank Manipulation to keep the prices down.

To repeat the words of Richard Maybury of the US and World Early Warning Report:

“I see nothing but good things ahead for the precious Metals.”

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