Richard Maybury of EWR – War, Saudi Arabia, Precious Metals

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Richard Maybury of EWR- War, Money and Precious Metals

On I talk with Richard Maybury one of the world’s top free market thinkers. His geopolitical analysis and world view has been guiding investors and subscribers to profitable investments for years. Richard Maybury of EWR, his well regarded US and World Early Warning Report, is read by both political and world leaders. Richard Maybury’s Uncle Eric series of books explains economic and political concepts clearly and simply in the form of a favorite uncle writing to his nephew.

In this episode we talk about government and the differences between government and the country. Confusing these two leads many to give the government more credibility than it deserves.

Blind loyalty to government leads to many problems. The US government has overthrown democratically elected leaders, supported dictators and butchers that have killed their own people.

Unfortunately the two things we can depend upon from government are war and currency debasement. That is not good for the people – it causes a lot of suffering and pain. But it is profitable for precious metals investors.

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