Deutsche Bank Tries To Explain Why It Did Not Deliver Physical Gold

Here at we have featured several videos about Deutche Bank’s admission of guilt in the silver manipulation scheme. In the settlement the were charged a paltry few millions while some commentators estimate the profits from these manipulation schemes made Billions. As part of the settlement they gave investigators 33,000 pages of documents that purportedly exposed some of the other banks that participated in the manipulation scheme.

But manipulation is only one part of the fraud banks committed to keep precious metals prices low. The other part of this is that absurd ratio of paper promises of gold versus the actual physical precious metals. Some commentators say there are 500 paper ounces of gold for each ounce of real gold. Others say it is much higher 1,500 paper ounces to each ounce of physical. Add to that the banks schemes of gold leasing where you may have many entities laying claim to the same gold. Or the client believing the bank’s promise that they have their client’s gold. It was only a matter of time until more clients wanted their gold and the bank couldn’t deliver what it didn’t have. Read the full article in zerohedge:

Deutsche Bank Tries To Explain Why It Failed To Deliver Gold

The bank tries to use weasel words to shift blame.

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14 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank Tries To Explain Why It Did Not Deliver Physical Gold”

  1. Who in their right mind thinks you'll ever get gold from buying a gold etf. First off some are mining companies etf's some are gold. Most realize it's a racket and are just trying to make money by the etf rising in value or shorting it to make money if it falls.

  2. Fuck dude ,people have been trading gold for decades and never take delivery. You can make millions doing this, even in one day. How is this different than thinking you own a part of company when you buy shares or you will be paid back when buying bonds. It's not scam but it's all a racket.

  3. Every country has moved its physical gold into underground bunkers of the elites.  Thus the reason they don't have any to deliver to us pee-ons.  They know WW3 is coming and will wipe out the common folks.  Once that's over, they keep all the gold for themselves.  How's that for wearing my tinfoil hat?

  4. Bill Holter knows what he is Talking about! We can print our own worthless monies, Notice the Chinese last week purchased 13 Billion in real estate in the states? They wont take our worthless paper anymore. We got caught trying to pay them in fake Gold and the Chinese know Game Over! USA is Threatning with its Mighty military and putting troops all over to keep the Dollar king!! Thats whats going on now..

  5. Can this be traced with the paper gold option dumps from the previous week's?! That way the client was given a return on the paper dumps?!

  6. I'm not sure what the truth is here. "IF" there is just a problem with a particular branch delivering gold then why doesn't Deutsche Bank just clearly say that?

  7. Jeffrey Bromfield

    The S & P 500 has made several new all time high's the past few months, yet gold and silver held their ground. Keep stacking and don't let them shake you out.

  8. The ABC agencies Stink

    In a normal world we would be petitioning to have 'bankrupt' companies like this shut down because they continue to infect new customers and other organisations – the Inland Revenue would normally step in, the only people settling debts are the poor and the weak.

  9. Maybe Deutsche Bank is still just waiting on the Fed to deliver the 1500 Tons they owe them. If it was 500 oz. to one I wonder what it is now? But the law says they "have" to release the Gold on the demand but it's just too much trouble, I understand completely; I feel the same way at the beginning of every month when I have to pay my bills, it's really very inconvenient.

  10. It's pretty obvious, no? The fed is telling americans that their economy is recovering and everything is going great, while it's the other way around of course, but I think the majority of the people buys that crap. So my bet is that deutsche bank will go down first, taking every other bank with them, which will devaluate the EURO and this will be the end of the EURO and it will take down the DOLLAR as well, so then the USofFucktards can blame Germany once again, while they're the one holding and playing all the cards.

  11. J, good point about counterfeit/funky bars & coins. I heard something in recent months about an upsurge in fake silver. This is almost sure to increase with the silver price.

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