Does anyone offer automatic investing programs in silver bullion?

I participate in an automatic savings plan and then filter the money into stocks and future down payments for investments properties. I would like branch out and do that with silver bullion. Does anyone know of any reputable companies that have automatic silver bullion investment programs without charging huge commissions or fees?

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  1. Do you want physical possession of silver bullion, or just to invest in silver?

    For physical possession, I don't recommend it, and haven't looked into who offers that. For physical silver held by an intermediary, I don't recommend that either, although at least it's somewhat less problematic.

    For investment purposes, it's simple to invest via something like the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) or PowerShares DB Silver (DBS), so you could set up an automatic investment system via any brokerage. (It's so simple, in fact, that that's a very good reason to prefer this technique.)

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