Fed Rate Hike and Your Future

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Fed Rate Hike

and Your Future

What will the Fed Rate Hike mean for the stock market and precious metals

The Fed Rate Hike has been in the news lately. Some commentators think that there won’t be any effects. They say the rate hike is a measure of the strength of the recovery. Other commentators feel that the economy is still weak and this will start a cascade of negative effects. In this audio interview at www.preciousmetalsinvesting.com I talk with Paul Mladjenovic, author or Stock Investing For Dummies, on what he thinks it means for the stock market, the precious metals market and the future for investors.

I don’t know if you feel as I do that a drop of the stock market of over 300 points negates the argument that there won’t be any effects and I think that we will see increasing economic repercussions.

One of the reasons it is wise to invest in the precious metals is for diversification We have seen how some of the junk bond funds have told their investors lately that they can’t get their money out. That has made other investors in junk bond funds nervous and has lead to some big withdrawal numbers.

Paul quoted the old investment saying “The only thing better than return on your money is the return of your money.” In many ways the highly leveraged debt is like a game of musical chairs. When the music suddenly stops the investor who has not diversified and has protected himself loses.

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