Richard Maybury on War, Currency Debasement, Precious Metals Investing & more

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Richard Maybury

Discusses War, Currency Debasement, Precious Metals Investing,and Geopolitics

Richard Maybury is one of the world’s top free market thinkers and in this wide ranging interview at we talk about investing, war, politics and precious metal investing. Richard’s long term view is not in terms of years but decades. The two things you can depend upon that politicians and governments give us you can use to guide your investments are War and Currency Debasement.

Richard talks about the geopolitical situation are now in and how we got here.

Richard is the author of 22 books including The Great Monetary Calamity series. One of his book series, the Uncle Eric books, are written in the form of letters written from a favorite uncle to his nephew. One of Mr. Maybury’s greatest strengths is his ability put financial concepts, monetary concepts, and geopolitical concepts in terms that are clear and easy to understand.

The Early Warning Report, Richard’s Newsletter, has been read by government officials, the CIA and individual investors. You can find more information and a sample newsletter at

There are two things you can always depend on politicians and governments to create that you can use to guide your investments – War and Monetary Debasement. History has shown governments always return to War and Monetary Debasement and you are relatively save basing your long term investment strategy on them. To forecast what investments will do you need to forecast what governments wll do. Richard shows you the strategy that has been doing very well for them for the past 20 years.

Precious metals have enduring value because they can’t be created by simply switching on the government printing press. In fact today it doesn’t even take that much effort to debase the currency – all it takes today is some manipulation of the computer digital digits.

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