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Circle April 15th on your Calendar

You don’t have any reason not to. April 15th Tax Day has been postponed because of the COVID-19 virus. So you are free to spend an hour with myself, Ted Sudol, and Paul Mladjenovic, author of Precious Metals Investing for Dummies for a free webinar. Learn how to invest in precious metals. Put more wealth in your pocket and maybe less in Uncle Sam’s.

Right now the paper prices of the precious metals, especially silver is down.

But if you have been trying to buy physical precious metals you know it is almost impossible to find any dealer with Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leaf coins because the demand is so high. If you do find some for sale you will find that the premium above the spot price of silver is $5 to $7. 

That means the price of silver would have to rise at least $5 to $7 before you would break even if you wanted to sell.

Does it make sense to buy at these prices? Hear what Paul and I have to say.

The future of silver production is also in doubt. Many places like Mexico where many major silver producers are located is shut down because of the Corvid-19 virus.

Many other counties where silver producing companies are located are also shut down.

Most of the silver production is a byproduct of production at mines where their primary business is the production of base metals like copper, zinc, etc. With the virus shutting down many industries it is expected that industrial demand will be down. If demand for their main base metal prduct is down many of these base metal producers may shut down or reduce production.

Silver has many industrial uses that may actually go up because of the COVID-19. Silver is a major component of solar panels. It also has health uses as a biocide.

Falling supplies and rising demand usually means rising prices.

So should you be investing in mining stocks? Which mining companies are likely to not survive? Which mining companies are likely to survive and possibly even profit?

Pick the winners in mining stocks and you might profit greatly if silver prices rise. Past increases in the price of silver have netted the owners of mining shares up to a 10 to 1 ratio.

Are there any other ways to invest in the precious metals and profit?

What about silver ETFs? Which ones are good and actually have physical precious metals?

If you are interested in getting physical when you talk about precious metals what is the difference between allocated and dedicated storage of your physical precious metals. Choose the right one and you’ll get the metal back you placed in safe keeping. Chose the wrong one and you may ve to wait to get the value of the metal back. If there is a run and they have been leasing or hypothcating the metal they had in storage you might have a long wait or have to settle for an IOU.

By the way what is allocated storage? What is dedicated storage? What does hypothication mean when it refers to precious metals storage?

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