James Turk interviews Peter Spina

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation and goldmoney.com, talks about gold with Peter Spina of goldseek.com. They discuss the use of the internet to get information about the precious metals out to the public. They talk about the differences between investing in gold bullion and gold mining shares. As the discussion turns to mining stocks they talk about many aspects of gold mining such as the differences between junior and senior miners, the importance of location and of new discoveries, as well as the dangers of nationalizations and other geopolitical risks. This interview was conducted in London on August 5 2011.

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32 thoughts on “James Turk interviews Peter Spina”

  1. So what if the elites have an economy & nobody showed up? Why do we need to wait for “THEM” or someone to do something? Get out of the banks, get out of fiat paper money. Find people who will sell you what you need for silver or gold. Opt out now. Nobody can stop you. Some states are doing it now. Mexico is planning on going back on the silver standard. Opt out. Don’t play their game. NO violence, just opt out & choose a better voluntary way of silver & gold.

  2. MetalMadness at its finist
    keep buy physical people 🙂
    @GoldMoneyNews thank you for all your videos
    mainstream media wont cover this im glad goldmoney does 🙂

  3. Sincere question; what happens to stock holders when mining is nationalized in a country? Did Chavez give holders a “fair” deal?

  4. I remember watching your videos when the collapse started. I don’t watch them all or follow you but I always enjoy them when I run across them. Good to see your face on the thumbnails and give them a click or two. Take care mr. davinci.

  5. Trolls are always going to bash the truth. They are programmed internally to Bash all truth. Same goes when you mention Earthquakes, HAARP, New Madrid Faultline. They want to down play what is happening in the world. Either they are ignorant or they are their DNA will not allow them to see the truth. Not sure which it is. Keep speaking the truth. Thank You. Buy more Silver. I wish I would have started five years ago but I was not paying attention to the real world. Peace.

  6. God bless you and your family
    Thanks for saving us
    Keep buying for another couple years
    See you on the other side

  7. @AmadCatal1
    It’s not 16th century we don’t need physical silver for monatization we can use computers and grams or milligrams of silver. Its the fact that both silver and gold are divisible without the loss of value is one of it’s MANY cool properties that makes it money.

  8. so you guys preparing for some event everyone else is ignoring … and meanwhile, as the province reported … professional criminals are searching for people hoarding silver at home, breaking into their homes, stealing the silver and stabbing and threatenng the homeowners. and that was in canada

    “Stock market went down, and silver went up!”

    I’ve never heard such a stupid summary in all my life.

  9. Good point, I am playing the gold silver ratio. a few months ago it was above 50 now its 41 and change.  If silver drops big the ratio will go to 45 or 50, for the short term.

  10. We here it repeated endlessly in the media: “silver is at an alltime high.”
    That was true in 1980 but it aint now. Not yet.
    It will be before the year is out though!

  11. We here it repeated endlessly in the media: “silver is at an alltime high.”
    That was true in 1980 but it aint now. Not yet.

  12. It’s not easy to explain why. There are many factors in play. It’s a probability bet, and what’s more, if I’m right it has to play out within the next 12 months, at most. If it doesn’t work like that within 12 months, or if it breaks 42, then all bets are off and we could spike like Davinci predicted, at a very fast pace.

  13. Since Silver Eagles are legal currency, it is illegal to melt them. Eagles should be a discount to bulk silver since your rights are removed.

  14. You look like Captain Kirk (Canadian, mind you) from Star Trek in that shirt.

    Good to see you again, and that you’re doing well.

  15. Remember me? I’m the guy who several months ago predicted 35, when it was below 20, and you were predicting an out of control spike to hundreds and may be 1000. So be honest, who’s been right?

    From here you want to sell. It may go to 42 first, but we’ll probably see 25 or lower again before the next leg up.

  16. Yes and no consider why does a stock go up? Some one want’s it and willing to pay more for it. The same applies the other way however you are willing to get less dollars and they are worth more because the stocks are cheaper along with everything else such as other currencies and commodities but that’s not happening.

  17. Wouldn’t it all balance out if someone sold stock, thereby converting it into dollars, and someone else had to get rid of dollars to buy the stock?

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