Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of silver shortages and quitting the dollar. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Paul Mladjenovic, author of Precious Metals for Dummies, about silver market manipulation. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

25 thoughts on “Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal!”

  1. I suggest you invest in survival nothing else.

    Look at the cost to mine gold and silver there is your answer.

    Both are over priced.

  2. @FactualSolutions

    You don’t realize anything of the kind. I’ve been to the site. I’ve seen the videos. I’ve heard Jacque Fresco talking about it at length. You haven’t told me anything I didn’t already know. You completely missed the point.

  3. @ Jordache

    And you are a good American who turns his head away from what the big companies are doing to the US. So congrats on helping bringing America down.

  4. @james9689 I concur. In my little world, this may just be the best and most telling piece of art imitating life imitating art I have ever experienced.
    Max, you are worth every oz. of silver I can get my poor hands on.

  5. @Jordache22222 Theyre one of the few outlets that allow facts to be reported. The rest of the MSM is illumi propaganda. Time to wake up now…..

  6. @sharmajunior Russian government agenda, Corporate American as well as the Industrial-Military Complex agenda are both anti-American and is your problem if you judge them wisely or not. I’m not American and I know what Russians do because my home country suffered a lot because of their imperialistic attitude.

  7. @thedave108 Don’t you find this odd? When I came in US I was perplexed to see how isolated the people are, manipulated via corporate controlled mass-media.
    Hopefully the Internet is still free and you can find the real news although you have to be very careful and judge the information you get there wisely because it is full of stupid people and propaganda.
    Illuminati is just a story. Masons made US and they made it well. If there are no masons there will be always others willing to control…

  8. I live in Connecticut. I guess its time to start stocking up on canned food, oats and bathroom supplies for when our economy goes belly up. O wait, it already has,it just started printing monopoly money and partial ownership on properties, which will make it look good,but it ain’t part of the game. Sense when is the banker in the monopoly game suppose make more money than the players.O well, at least I will be ready.Just kidding! I am an American,I don’t know anything, just watching game shows.

  9. @FactualSolutions The new “zeitgeist moving forward” just came out in January 25th.Here’s the youtube site to watch: /watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

  10. When l close my eyes and listen to Max’s voice l feel like im listening to sesame street. wall street,sesame street, its all same to me. That blood sucking Dracula counting the pennies.

  11. @FactualSolutions The Zeigeist Movment isnt really a movement , its one million people who watch a youtube vid. real practical solution it is not.

  12. @krackfoxtube – great assumption – what do you say about our worldwide Zday that is still going on? Or the worldwide release of Z3 – 60 countries involved in hundreds of releases – an by the way – we are on phase one, and things are going accordantly.
    Get informed.
    take care

  13. @krackfoxtube Educating sheeple to see the inherent flaws in the system is not only a movement it’s a necessity. Do some research before you speak and maybe you will feel differently. There is no other group that is as large and as focused on direct solutions to the worlds worst problems.

    Only by promoting greater awareness, education, and true equality will humanity reach it’s next stage.

  14. youarecretorcreating

    They tell the truth!! excellently and with humor as to the so obviousness of all this shit! “Smoking their own bellybutton lint” Now where do you get lines like that that are soo accurate. The problem is that you have to actually pay attention because it is so full of truth expressed with a bit of tongue and cheekiness.. very cool!! Try watching more than once. Also, listen to the obvious innuendos. Oh and yes Stacy is so very hot!! Glad I’m not the only one t notice. Still waiting for her note

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