Market Manipulation by JP Morgan – Ted Butler Video

Market Manipulation by JP Morgan

In this video of Ask the Expert recorded on September 12, 2013 silver expert Ted Butler is interviewed about the market manipulation in the precious metals market by JP Morgan. Ted Butler is an independent Silver Analyst who has been publishing precious metals analysis and commentaries on the internet for 20 years. He is one of the first voices raising the alarm about market manipulation in the precious metals market. He is head of Butler Research LLC, his subscription service offers weekly commentaries including detailed analysis of the Commitment of Traders Report, regulatory developments, supply/demand considerations, and topics of interest to investors in precious metals, with an emphasis on silver. Ted has been screaming out a warning for many years and getting no response from the regulators who should be protecting the public. Why doesn’t the CFTC comment? What is the connection?

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13 thoughts on “Market Manipulation by JP Morgan – Ted Butler Video”

  1. Gaps in perception noted. No link between metals suppression and paper
    money? Same as saying no link between a boiling pot and the flames beneath.
    Why confiscate? Ted can’t grasp that others have a different mentality than
    his. Because he respects others property does not mean everyone thinks this
    way. Reason is to break everyone outside the charmed circle. If JPM is long
    gold and short silver, that shows the financial community is way more
    worried about silver, as silver is the people’s money

  2. Ted could be right about manipulation ….which means he can not predict
    price of silver.. ever !! He can explain who,what,how, even why
    ……….but when !! And time is everything ……the rest is irrelevant,
    anecdotic and boring !!

  3. Ted is obviously one of the most knowledgeable guys out there, particularly
    with silver. Why he recommends SLV and GLD I do not understand. My
    understanding is that these ETFs take money away from investment in the
    actual commodity, and can and will settle in only cash. I don’t get it.

  4. Steve Forbes, Pilgrims Society member (very bad news), says remonetize
    gold, what he hasn’t said yet is, “remonetize it by the government seizing
    gold, while Pilgrims Society members like myself have hushed-up Treasury
    licenses to own gold!” Steve Forbes is extraordinarily dangerous. Everyone
    who says remonetize gold is not a free market voice! I think the US/UK plan
    to get China/Russia into a war, we step back, then “recover” the gold
    exported for price control, ask Miner Hill Warner.

  5. His subscribers gave him flack for releasing info that his subscribers were
    paying for so he stopped the KWN interviews.

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