Silver Bullion – Video – How It’s Made

Silver Bullion – Video – How it’s Made

Have you ever wondered how silver bullion is made? In this video we follow the process from discovering silver in the mine, and extracting it. Then the ore containing silver goes through the several crushing stages to break the ore containing silver into smaller and smaller particles. The ore goes through several steps to burn off impurities and increase the concentration of silver. The ore containing silver and other metals goes through several refining stages to increase the purity on its way to becoming silver bullion. It’s amazing how many steps and how much work goes into extracting the silver and producing a bar. But that bar is not the final product. That bar still has to go to a refinery for further processing and purification. This video ends at that step but of course if we are talking about silver bullion rounds or silver bullion coins there are many additional steps.

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