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Mike Maloney is the founder of GoldSilver.com and the creator and host of The Hidden Secrets Of Money. Episode 8 entitled ‘From Bitcoin To Hashgraph’

Episode 8 of the “Hidden Secrets of Money Series” by Mike Maloney is entitled “From Bitcoin To Hashtag.” Bitcoin is the name that grabs the headlines. However things are moving so fast tat you might be missing out on even greater opportunities. There are now over 5,000 cryptocurrencies. How do you separate the winners from the losers? Well you just might not have to! There might be more opportunity in the technology providers behind the cryptocurrencies. Companies working on the opportunities of the block chain technology the cryptocurrencies are based on may provide even more opportunity and be insulated from the wide gyrations in value of an individual cryptocurrency. One of the criticisms of Bitcoin is the enormous electrical consumption it takes. Bitcoin Electrical consumption exceeds the electrical consumption of some nations. There are also criticisms that it is inefficient and slow. Hashtag eliminates those problems. Find out more.
Mike believes the people that are interested in the cryptocurrancies look at the precious metals and the people that follow the precious metals should look into the cryptocurrancies. Both represent freedom. Mike feels that silver is particularly undervalued today. Watch this video.
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10 thoughts on “Mike Maloney – Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin to Hashgraph”

  1. Mike, if you want unity you need to embrace the idea of Logos. Sacrifice made in the name of spoken Truth always results in Love. That is why Christian logocentrism is so successful.

  2. Mr Maloney you always had a bunch of Tongue for gold honestly. But it's ok because it brought us to where we are today.

  3. No way, my two favourite advisers/commentators on the same video. I haven't even watched this yet but I will. Today. So looking forward to it.

  4. Just watched episode and it is very inspiring especially coming from a person so immersed in traditional financial system. Thank you for making me aware of it. We now just need a way to get involved with hashgraph to increase its influence

  5. Thanks Chris and Mike. Excellent work as always. Chris I have a job for you and or Mike. Pretend there will be an ICO for eUSD with the same conditions as USD. Then ask "who would buy this?" would it not be reported as a scam to the SEC? Compare it with other cryptos. You guys are good at this. It would be very powerful. Go get em Mav!

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