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We will be adding an additional New Resource from

Right now you get one email from that has contains the full post of the latest posts. So you can read the full post in the email.

In addition you get this Precious Metals Investing Newsletter that is more comprehensive and contains contains links to more resources. That usually is sent out on Thursday.

We will start sending out an additional email on Mondays that will contain excerpts from the five latest posts. By clicking on an excerpt you are taken to the post itself.

I’d appreciate your feedback. I know some sites send out emails every day of the week. But I’ve been hesitant to do that since I thought some might consider that too frequent. What do you think? Is three emails from aweek the right number? Would you like more per week? Would you like less?

Since this is a new newsletter provider I also have a choice to make. Should it be sent out to all confirmed subscribers to or only new subscribers. I think it should be sent out to all confirmed subscribers. But I wanted to ask you, as a valued member of the family. Some people get angry when they get something they think they didn’t sign up for. What do you think? Should it be send out to everyone or just new subscribers?

Thanks for all of your help.

Please let me know by sending an email to

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