USA’s Economic Rollover – Mike Maloney

USA’s Economic Rollover has already started according to Mike Maloney. In this video Mike points out the many divergences between the bullish highs the stock market has been reaching and many of the other economic indicators that are flashing warning signs.
Stock market divergence from base currency creation is the greatest since 2009. The amount the stock market could crash if we hit a rough spot is the greatest since those records began.


High End Real Estate in New York is Falling.

High end art prices are crashing.

Sales in the high end East Hampton have fallen.

In Aspen where the average price of a home is 7.7 million dollars, both home prices and the number of sales have fallen dramatically.

Vancouver housing price collapsed 20% in one month. Homes sales in East Vancouver dropped 94 per cent.

People in the know, know that there is something wrong going on.

Amount of rail traffic in the US has been dropping significantly.

In the US DOW Jones broke into new highs.

When Dow prices are measured in gold rather than dollars we see a much different picture. Dow prices have crashed from 17 times the value of gold to less than 14 times the value of gold. Stock market is getting cheaper and cheaper when measured in gold.

To read more about the services Mike offers go to his resource page here at If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
Mike explains it in clear language using easy to grasp graphics that explains these economic factors that are pivital factors you need to understand to navigate today’s choppy and confusing investing waters.

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