Gerald Celente – Trump’s stock-market bump: Fading fast or growing stronger?

Original release: 1/11/17

Nobody can do a rant like Gerald Celente. The latest Trend Alert Gerald Celente – Trump’s stock-market bump: Fading fast or growing stronger? is a classic.

If you are not familiar with Gerald here’s a spoiler alert – this is a pro-Trump Rant.

However it should be pointed out that Gerald’s strength is that he analyzes the trends regardless of the politics. This post, released on 1/11/17 may seem very pro Trump. However by the April 2017 Trend Alert Gerald says Trump is a liar like all of the other political liars we have had in the past.

Gerald feels Trump’s stock-market bump will continue going up under Trump’s pro business policies.

I just published a post from Silver Doctors. In that post David Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics gives his take on Trump’s initial weeks in office and his thoughts on what the effects of Trump will be on the stock market and the precious metals market. His outlook is decidedly less pro Trump.

What I like to do here at is present the views from experts who represent a variety of outlooks, even those that I don’t agree with.

One of the aspects of the today’s DOW that we have talked about both here at is how narrow the DOW is – only 30 stocks out of the universe of stocks. When the DOW reached it’s all time high really only a small segment of DOW stocks reached highs. One commentator pointed out that although the DOW high point was being trumpeted by both Trump and the media if you actually took Apple stock out of the DOW the DOW actually went down.

The other aspect of both the DOW and many Government statistics is that the standards for measuring have changed so comparing an statistic from years back to the same (in name only) statistic today is like comparing apples and oranges. For more on this see What Happens to Precious Metals Prices

For instance the DOW is a constantly changing hand of 30 cards or companies. Companies in the DOW are constantly being changed out for others either because they have gone out of business or are no longer considered to be considered representative enough of the current state of US industry to be included in the DOW. So we are always hearing how if you invested in the DOW you would have done well. However that means you had to have the investing foresight and knowledge to be always invested in this constantly changing hand of cards. If you invested in the 30 companies that made up the DOW of 1900 and kept those same companies until 2017 you would be very close to broke. Many of the companies would have gone out of business, the buggy whip makers would gone out of fashion and withered away. In 2017 no one would recognize the list of 30 stocks you held – at least those that were still alive – as part of the DOW.

However if you took the same amount of money you invested in the 1900 DOW and invested those funds in physical gold or precious metals you would be wealthy today. Of course since the precious metals markets are volatile there would be a lot of ups and downs. But if you bought and held you would be handsomely rewarded in the end. Gold or precious metals in your hands doesn’t go out of business – its value will never drop to zero. Its an enduring store of value that has endured the test of 3,000 years of history.

So will Trump’s stock-market bump continue or falter? Gerald says yes others say no. Do your own due diligence and reading and decide for yourself with the help of the experts and your own financial adviser.

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17 thoughts on “Gerald Celente – Trump’s stock-market bump: Fading fast or growing stronger?”

  1. I had thought he was a-political, but praising Trump when his cabinet is similar to Obama is quite pethatic. nothing is going to change whether it's Obama or Trump. from one side of the establishment to another they are all the same. quite sad…

  2. Mr. celente billions of cows pigs chickens turkeys horses are murdered every year to feed human taste buds, and are the number 1 cause of pollution and greenhouse gases, will you go vegan for the voiceless animals and preservation of our planet?

  3. I wonder when small local communities will start organising & cooperating together to under cut these big multinational corporations, to provide products & services to each other – so we don't have to pay to be enslaved, robbed & poisoned!
    Will it be a trend for 2017/18…
    Discuss below???

  4. Paul Drake / Abest Plumbing Service

    Lost Respect for the big system trying to Step on our for sure next president,, WTF, he's in,, deal with it, help him as he's been elected to make America better, stop you all self Me, Me only people, Have some Respect and try to assist instead of slinging crap,, be useful instead of negative, All would Begin to be a Better Human person. stop being Selfish…

  5. I remember Mr. Celente saying…first deflation…checked!then Inflation…. checked !currency wars….. checked !Trade Wars… started by Trump… checked !World War….

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