What Happens to Gold Prices, Silver Prices When Trump ATTACKS Dollar

One of the questions we frequently get here at preciousmetalsinvesting.com is What happens to Gold Prices, Silver Prices When Trump Attacks Dollar? In this interview from the SilverDoctors Elijah Johnson interviews David Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics.

David provides a run down on Trump’s first couple week’s as President. Contrary to Trump’s promise of “draining the swamp” as you can see by his cabinet choices he is stuffing the government with lobbyists and people with special interest ties. So far his governing has been full of missteps and outright mistakes. Many of the executive orders have already gotten repudiated. Dave expects there will be many more that will get repudiated in some manner. Other than creating an apparent “political frenzy,” Trump is not going to change things fundamentally.

But the question our readers want an answer to is What happens to Gold Prices, Silver Prices When Trump Attacks Dollar? How will a Trump presidency impact the precious metal markets? Kranzler says Trump’s policies will lead to high inflation which will push gold and silver higher.

The DOW hitting its all time high is really meaningless. Of the 30 stocks in the DOW only a few stocks hit their all time high. The DOW is really being used as a propaganda tool by the FED and government to tell us all is going well when most people realize it really is not. When they can do this with a group of less than 30 stocks it’s just a simpler way to send a message to the country and the world that all is well in the US.

David also points out, as we have done here at preciousmetalsinvesting.com that today’s accounting standards, and the way the government calculates inflation, employment, etc have changed and been changed over time. Often the goal by the government or corporations is to make the statistics appear in the best possible light. However comparing today’s statistics with yesterday’s is often like comparing apples and oranges. When you put the statistics from the past and the present on the same footing, using the same factors, often times the present lofty statistics appear much poorer when compared to the past.

This is one of the goals of sites like John Williams’ website, www.shadowstats.com He describes the goal of his site and his research as Shadow Government Statistics – Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting

There are also geopolitical dangers in Trump’s bellicose, inconsistent and sometimes incomprehensible foreign policy. For instance Washington is trying to portray Putin as a homicidal maniac. Most people are unaware or choose to ignore the United States role in the provocation of Russia. Contrary to the Warsaw agreement where the US agreed not to advance NATO closer to Russia the US has ringed Russia by NATO countries. You can easily see this in a map that was provided by Zerohedge.com

The stock market is complacent but that complacency may be abruptly changed if a geopolitical hot crisis erupts.

So What Happens to Gold Prices, Silver Prices When Trump ATTACKS Dollar? David believes that the Trump administration will be very good for precious metals. If Trump is to make good on his promise for stimulate manufacturing and industrial activity here in the US he is going to have to push the dollar lower. Because frankly the US good are not competitive against countries that have much weaker currencies. A strong dollar does not fit with Trump’s stated goal of making the US industries more competitive

A lower dollar and geopolitical tensions that Trump is pushing will be great for precious metals.

Kranzler also sees China’s demand for gold will be greater in 2017 than in 2016, which should also be bullish for gold.

In Dave’s opinion this is the most overvalued stock market in US history.

Listen to the video for more insights from Dave about gold prices, silver prices When Trump Attacks Dollar.

You can find more from Dave at investmentresearchdynamics.com

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7 thoughts on “What Happens to Gold Prices, Silver Prices When Trump ATTACKS Dollar”

  1. Have bought from SD bullion thousands of silver rounds, great site. Sometimes provident metals is cheaper though.

  2. Trump nor the FED for that matter can do much to weaken the dollar. The FED is so desperate that they recently ask central banks to flood the system with dollars but it has not helped. The reason is that the policies of both the ECB and the Bank of Japan. The euro and the EU are collapsing as the ECB has destroyed not only the banking model but the economies in the countries in the EU. Capital is being pulled from banks there causing liquidity problems. This capital has been flooding into both the dollar and the Dow. If you control large amounts of capital are you really going to park it in any bank with liquidity problems?
    It is also nonsense that markets have not reacted to the political risks. They have been reacting to both the political and economic risks by moving capital out of the EU and into the dollar and the Dow causing all this strength. The sovereign debt crisis has started again in the EU with yield spiking and this will continue thru 2017 and 2018. As capital starts to rotate out of these it will flow even more into the dollar and Dow. This capital needs markets that have huge pools of liquidity and right now it is these two assets classes. All of this has been the reason for these moving higher and not banks manipulating it higher as he claimed. They don't need to because again of international capital flows. These guys who promote metals always claim this nonsense and they look for excuses why metals are going down and not up. If prices fall it is always the "cartel". If the Dow goes up it is always the Plunge Protection Team. Now it is GAAP rule changes moving markets up. The Dow is headed for 21,000 which is the next resistance level and then to 23,000. They simply do not understand what causes price movement in markets. All regulated markets trade the same with HFT algos moving short term price in the opposite direction of the long term trend and adding trades riding this trend. The long term trend is created by large capital flows either moving into or out of markets.
    All else is nonsense!

  3. You know what? It isn't all about winning, it is about having the courage to do what is right. Trump will never get justice from a capital murdering communist court, but he has the courage to take a stand unlike most republicans. And this is why we love Trump. The babykillers have to be defeated and ground into the dirt as we did to Japan in WW2, but without courage there can never be victory.

  4. PE Ratio's are not even close to what was used in 1999 – Stock Market is so Over Valued – get out NOW

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