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The Velocity of Money. We hear economic commentators talking about it but what does it really mean to me? Trump’s Economic Disaster Mike says is here. This will be the greatest wealth transfer in history. There will be winners and there will be losers. If you educate yourself you can insure that you will be part of the greatest econimic opportuntity in history.

One of the important concepts that we hear about but usually don’t fully understand is the “Velocity of Money” (Mike refers to this as the Velocity of Currency because he differentiates fiat currencies from money) You can read the definition of the “velocity of money” on Wikipedia You read there that it “refers to how fast money passes from one holder to the next.” But what does that mean? Even more importantly what does it mean for your economic well being?

Mike uses simple clear language, animations and revealing graphs to explain the “velocity of currency” and what it means for you. The Fed and Central Banks tinkering with the economic system is often revealed as just a shell game that changes appearances but doesn’t really affect the reality that will prove out in the end.

How will this all play out? It doesn’t seem that governments and economists have learned lessons from the past. We continue to repeat the same mistakes that got us into trouble in past economic catastrophes.

The day of reckoning will come as the baby boomers reach 70 and laws make mandatory withdrawals from their IRA’s and Retirement Accounts. You will then have flipped the switch in the stock market and have more sellers of stocks than buyers. The stock market will go down precipitously.

The tools that governments have used in the past will no longer work.

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