Deutsche Bank – On Verge Of Collapse: Andrew Hoffman

There are many legal actions against Deutsche Bank that are yet to be settled. There are several huge settlements in billions of dollars that have already been assessed against Deutsche Bank. Some analysts say that Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse.

Deutsche Bank – On the Verge of Collapse? If it does collapse what other banks will it take with it into insolvency? What US banks will be affected? Today with all of the interconnectedness, interrelationships and ties between all of the money center banks the ground is sure to be littered with casualties.

This is why Adrew Hoffman say he invests in precious metals. He specifically invests in physical precious metals. It will always be there for you.

The only things that are going up are things that can be easily manipulated. Whenever you look at real world statistics that represent real things such as shipping, construction equipment they are going down.

Andrew says this is the end of the largest Ponzi scheme ever seen in history.

Governments around the world are running out of tools they can use to counteract the impending damage.

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20 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank – On Verge Of Collapse: Andrew Hoffman”

  1. Deutsche Bank will settle U.S. penalty this week (DEC 19 2016). Oct 2 the stock was 12.00 now over 18.00…were is the crash Hoffman?

  2. Nils Holgersson

    Since Europe is going to be a social construction not only a single market, there is a war against us – First they tried to kill our currency , than the weakest countrys like greek, spain, portugal, usw usw – now the weak looking companies or companies who made mistakes- The Question from european point is clear – We build new standards for investments (no bail out with tax payers money), the rich concerns hedge fonds will pay in future (tax) – europe declaired a "war" against the finance industry 2010 – They will pay we said – US hedgefonds dont like the new rules – Europes idea, was it to close the tax oasis worldwide, who is looking for world wide taxes and social standards, concerns hedge fonds, have to pay , and now we make a tax on exchange trading in europe – The brexit you can only understand from this point of view – look who was financing UKIP and the brexit – it was even US Money, and fonds sitting in London …. The next issue could be TTIP , europe is fighting for his social standards and control on big investores money , … it all remembers me to an article I have read years ago about WTO – A high ranked man who didnt want to say his name, said world trade is here in this institution a jungle war- People outside dont know he said – This was before the crisis , now I think the "war" came out on the world …

  3. Great interview guys! Thanks for the timely insights Andrew. And I agree, I think that the Great Financial Reset is a Go…The current situation is not sustainable. Everything is winding down as directed, and the scene is being set for a complete re-calibration to the NWO…. When the defecation hits the rotating oscillator big-time, the U.N. will step in and save the world, along with its one world government, and its new world currency…..

  4. Isn't Deutsche bank repatriating 674 tonnes of gold from France and U.S. Why don't they just demand it all now and force the issue. U.S. has it's nerve demanding 14 billion from them when they owe Bundesbank 300 tonnes of Gold

  5. Seems to me that these Central Bankers will come up with ways to stay aflote with very uncommon economical schemes. That is why most Economist cannot figure out their next move…………..

  6. Relax. Deutsche Bank will be bailed out. Gold is fully under control. Stop fear mongering people. The Financial system is sound. There are market sectors that are exploding with buying opportunity!!

  7. The Germans want their gold back from Fort Knox.Now the USA has got the Germans  on the ropes the Germans will be stripped of their claim to  their gold

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