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Bitcoin, Billionaires, Bubbles. These are the topics David Morgan discusses in his Weekly Perspective, a free e-newsletter.

David talks about bitcoin and the concerns about the energy cost of each bitcoin transaction.

Billionaires are cornering the gold market. Smart money, names we are familiar with like George Soros, are buying up gold in massive quantities.

Canadian Solar profits have declined due to the massive reduction in the cost of solar components. What does this mean for solar and silver?

Around the world it appears that things are contracting.

The next bubble collapse will dwarf the sub-prime mortgage cricis. The student loan crisis, the subprime auto loan crisis are on the horizon and about to exploded

Record number of fund managers say that the stock market is overvalued.

A pretty strong selloff has already started.

David Stockman reports the debt ceiling has been reached and there are problems on the horizon.

Go to the and download their report on the strong silver jewelry sales.

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2 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Billionaires, Bubbles – David Morgan”

  1. Each bitcoin MINED requires requires the energy mentioned in the article. That's part of the reason bitcoin has value. A bitcoin TRANSACTION with existing bitcoins (transferring bitcoins between wallets) is very different and requires no more energy than a card swipe. VERY MISLEADING! You have to ask yourself WHY the PM gurus seem to feel so threatened by bitcoin and are always putting it down. If PMs are so superior why even mention it? I say: DIVERSIFY, hold gold, silver, cash AND Bitcoin. They will all have a purpose in an economically volatile environment.

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