Important Update with Keith Neumeyer: Silver, Gold & Mining Stocks

Keith Neumeyer is one of the leaders in the resource industry. He has made many investors large amounts money. First Mining Finance rose 220% and First Majestic Silver 600% in 2016 alone. But while investors in mining stocks can often make spectacular gains this sector of the market is very volatile and there can also be drops in the mining stocks. This interview from Keith Neumeyer gives update on the general resource sector. Keith sees a massive upside potential in silver but the investor must focus on the long term investment rather than the short term market noise and market gyrations. Keith also announces an exciting new silver mining company just announced that’s looking incredibly well positioned for those looking for a bare floor investment with massive upside potential. You can find out more about this new company Silver One [SVE, OTC SLVRF]: at

Keith Neumeyer also talks about the partnerships he is assembling First Mining Finance [FF, OTC FFMGF]: In the past 15 months they have acquired 8 companies.

Keith Neumeyer’s First Majestic Silver [AG, TSXV FR]: was established 14 years ago by Keith and it remains one of the premier companies in this sector.

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11 thoughts on “Important Update with Keith Neumeyer: Silver, Gold & Mining Stocks”

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  2. LIE! Silver should be $1 per Troy Ounce! Those whom deface this Constitutional Mandated Law shall be put to death for Usury!

  3. What is up with SLVRF? Someone put in a limit order to push the ask at $100/share. My broker will not let me purchase it within current price.

  4. stop calling these drops a "correction", it's the result of fraud on the market, we have bad participants manipulating the market and the government is not prosecuting them, it's anything but a correction.

  5. I'm still holding First Mining Finance. My average buy in cost is 44 cents. I'm a little upset I didn't sell in the 80s or 90s and rebuy now. hindsight is 20/20 I suppose. a good correction like we have just had is healthy tho.

  6. Dennis Guillemette

    it's just retarded to buy silver and gold just to have the government come take it all away from you in the future and give you nothing just before the price goes up. It's happened over and over, and it's only the corrupted zionist freemason illuminati jesuit that will end up with the actual gold not the population of humanity. Only the animals really want or need gold to survive so don't fall for this scam by the quiet elite in the background.

  7. This audio is hard to listen to, the sound keeps switching from speaker left side to right side, dead space, then jumping around again. Something's out of balance.

  8. If you look at the angry trolls who bought in at the top, it's an indicator of a market bottom, just like when they wanted to buy in the mining stocks had topped out. So looks like it's safe to get back in now.

  9. You are showing AG at 18 lol. Stop with the marketing tactics AG at 10.50 right now. Strange its almost like you might be a paid pumper lol.

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