Numbers Don’t Lie – Politicians Do – The Coming Debt Crisis

The country is going bankrupt — just look at the numbers. The numbers do not lie — politicians lie,” claims Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal. The only thing that the election of Trump proved is that the Republicans are bigger Liars and Hypocrites than the Democrats. 

Remember when Republicans were out of office and use to rail at the Democrats for supposedly being big spenders and running up the deficit.

As soon as the Republicans got into power Trump opened up the money spigots to big companies, big lobbyists, friends and family. Under the Republicans the deficit exploded with his tax cut for Corporations and the Wealthy 1%.

 “How about companies like General Electric that made $ US 14 billion last year, paying no taxes?

Why not an obvious first step reverse the tax cut for corporations, make sure all corporations pay their fair share of running the country they benefit from.

Many Trump supporters say he is not one of the establishment, not one of the elite. How much more of a creature of the rich establishment can you be than Trump benefiting from this country, not paying any taxes and taking advantage of every gimmick he can

According to Gerald the bigger picture includes the long-predicted devaluation of the dollar. Gold gained $ US 115 an ounce last month alone. And against that background the talks about deficit reduction do not mention the most obvious measures like cutting the military budget or slashing foreign aid, which topped $ US 57 billion a year. How about companies that make billion in profits but pay no taxes?” 

Celente says there is plenty of room to turn the deficit situation around and clean up the economy if politicians were honest, faced the problems honestly and worked to solve them honestly rather than trying to place blame or kick the can down the road. “We do not have a representative form of government, we have a government that represents only the very powerful and the very rich and that is all this is about — letting them keeping their perks.

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18 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie – Politicians Do – The Coming Debt Crisis”

  1. THIS MAN is the best… He says shit that is never told…. Mr. Celente you are the fucking new crusador! 

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  4. my guess is that we, the usa will just keep raising the debt ceiling and running the printing press to print more paper dollars……then officially devalue the dollar at some point

  5. hate to break it to some of you but America's Federal Reserve is spending billions to bail out select European financial institutions to avoid a total financial meltdown there. So guess what if the US falls so do they.

  6. Does anyone know what happens when the US reaches 20 Trillion in debt ? or 30 Trillion in debt ? We are headed there in the near future, there is no way we will ever get it paid down now and i would like to know the truth on just what to expect.

  7. Plis gimme robux am HyperXNinjaX

    Americans still think they are world super paw. They are broke and bankrupt but act all is well and good at home. They need to wake up from the matrix.

  8. @moistfaucet Lol you are so right. Even though the reality is right in front of them, most Americans are in denial and defend their system and Gov't. They are not very bright, compared to the rest of the world, they consume half of the world's oil, they are 34% obese, they spend more then they earn, their healthcare is only of the rich, their real unemployment is over 20%, they have tent cities, and 40 million on foodstamps, but somehow they have a better life? @2001Horatio is very typical.

  9. Shovel ready,shovel ready, shovel ready, shovel ready,ohh the jobs were not as shovel ready as expected. The jobs were never there in the first place. We are in a depression&it is starting to manifest itself like it did in the 30s. Remember it took about 4 years-1929-1933 for it to really manifest itself We will see its ugly head fully within months by the end of 2011 or early 2012. We still have many lean years ahead of us folks.

  10. America's biggest enemy is themselves, they are spending themselves into oblivion. What can we who are non-Americans do, not much but watch America's self-destruction if nothing drastic is done. In America, you can follow David Walker, the ex-Comptroller of General Accounting, to understand the scale and scope of the debt problem and pressure your Congressman/Congresswoman to act before it is too late!!!

  11. @FoqYu truth truth truth… just truth. No we have to punch these facts in the hard headed americans oO

  12. i got so sick of some americans. PAY MORE TAXES YOU IDIOTS! just taxes. In europe we almost pay more taxes a month you pay in a year.

  13. people should watch all the shows about prison, and then compare the shows to prison in other places, american is spending lots of money on the people in prison and jail, if american had dirty, hot, bad food prisons people would not do things like rape, murder. American will save lots of money if their where less prisoners, thumps up if want all the prisons and jail lock up have no AC A big money saver!!!!!!!

  14. My solution: All european, Asian and middle eastern countries cut trading with the US and demand there money now to resume trading. If they refuse just don't trade with them. Let america crash and burn. Teach them a lesson. Crisis ended. 😉

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