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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies is now available for presale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. One of the mantras you’ve heard over and over again from myself, Ted Sudol and Paul Mladjenovic, a frequent guest here at PreciousMetalsInvesting.com is the importance of diversification. Diversification into Precious Metals but also diversification into other forms of income generation.

You may not be farmilar with affiliate marketing but it is a 12 Billion dollar income opportunity. Affiliate marketing allows you to profit from the sale of other companies products. I am an Amazon affiliate. If people make a purchase through me I earn a commission. Amazon has millions of products and I can earn a affiliate commission from all of them.

You may not be farmiliar with the Wiley For Dummies brand. But Affiliate Marketing For Dummies is being launched by a brand that has sold more than 300 million copies worldwide.

Amazon is not the only company today offering affiliates a chance to earn a profit. There are thousands of companies with affiliate marketing programs. Some of the most recognizable companies in precious metals investing such as The Morgan Report , and many others have affiliate programs. To find out more about precious metals affiliate programs go to the affiliate page here.

What’s not for a company to love. In the old days of print, radio, and Television ads you paid based on the media outlet’s “reach”  Whether their blast of your message got them one sale, 100 sales or no sales fhe same bill was due. With affiliate marketing the company only has a sales cost if a sale is made.

It’s easy to do and in Affiiiate Marketing For Dummies we show you the way.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies is available now for presale at Amazon:

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