Precious Metals Update – New Alexa Skill

Precious Metals Update

Amazon’s Alexa has taken the world by storm because it just make so many things easier for us all.

Like flash briefing. You can customize the news you hear each day from a variety of news sources like Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomburg, Motley Fool, Weather and soon you will be able to add a new listing to your flash briefing:

              Precious Metals Investing 

 and the Precious Metals Investing Update brought to you by

The Precious Metals Update is a short 5 minute audio update.

The Precious Metals Update Flash update is now live! Just go to your Alexa control panel, on your computer and add it to your flash briefing. The listing is already on the Alexa setting page so you can add it to your flash briefing and as soon as it is live you’ll get the latest Precious Metals Investing Update on your Amazon Alexa enabled device like the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Etc.

In addition to your flash briefing you can do so much more like:

  1. Set up Alarms – either by voice or Alexa control panel
  2. Set up Reminders -either by voice or Alexa conrol panel
  3. Home Automation – control lights remotely, control, control outlets and power
  4. Home Security
  5. To Do Lists
  6. Ask Alexa a question and most of the time you will get an answer – sometimes you did not state it in the way Alexa expected so you just try it again.
  7. Alexa will also read your Kindle books for you. Great timesaver!, 

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