Pension Dangers Part 2

Pension Dangers Part 2

Pension Dangers Part 2 – This is the second part in a two part interview at on pension dangers and investing in precious metals. Ted Sudol interviews Paul Mladjenovic author of Stock Investing For Dummies and Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Paul talks about some of the impending dangers to those investors who have a significant portion of their investment portfolio invested in pension vehicles and the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio by investing in precious metals. In this second part of the two part services on pension dangers Paul focuses on municipal pensions. Paul contrasts the budgeting processes of individuals who must balance their budgets with governments who make future promises and obligations. In many cases those promises and obligations that people based their future financial health on are coming due and the politicians are saying there is no money. This is adversely affecting both the people that depended upon pensions that are in jeparody and those whose investment portfolio include investments in pension vehicles.

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