Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing

Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing

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In this audio interview Ted Sudol talks with Paul Mladjenovic at Paul speaks about Pension Dangers & Precious Metals Investing. He talks about the impending dangers that may face you in your pension investments and the vital role precious metals should play in your investment strategy. Paul says for a lot of people whose investment portfolio is in pensions they may be facing zero or part of their account may be facing zero.

Paul says the wealthiest people who have survived tough times like this have always invested in portable wealth like gold and silver.

When the pension issues are revealed and things start to unravel Paul feels that many jurisdictions will be facing bankruptcy. But for investors once your identify the problem you are half of the way there to protecting yourself from what may occur.

This is part 1 of a two part interview on Pension Dangers and Precious Metals Investing.

Paul is the author of both Stock Investing For Dummies and Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

Go to Paul’s Resource page here at for more information about Paqul and the services he offers.

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