Precious Metals and the Dollar – What Is Real Money?

When the German Government asks for the gold it left with the US FED and was told by the FED it would take seven years to get their gold back should you be concerned? When Germany only gets a small part of the fraction of the gold they were promised should you be concerned? When the gold they get back is not the gold they left there for safe keeping but newly melted bars – should you be concerned? We here at think you should be concerned. It seems apparent that the stories we have been told about the amount of gold stored in the Fed, Fort Knox and banks around the globe may not be true.

What is money after all? For thousands of years money meant a stable source of value. To facilitate a medium of exchange money took the form of gold and silver that made trade, barter, and commerce possible. Dollars were merely claim checks giving the bearer the right to exchange their dollars for gold or silver that had a relatively stable value.

However since the dollar was taken off the gold standard it is only backed by the full faith in the US government that it can be used to settle debts. But what value does the dollar hold? Has that value been stable over time? Data shows that the dollar is worth only 2% of the value that it had in the 1900’s.

In this video they question of “What is Real Money” Is examined. Watch it and let me know what you think.

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