Ted Butler: JP Morgan Perfect Silver Manipulation

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Oldie but Goodie

Ted Butler is one of the most well respected silver researchers in the world. He has been carefully examining the movements in the silver markets and has been studying and exposing the manipulation in the silver market for the past 20 years. Even though some time has passed since this video the mechanisms of manipulation he saw being used are the same today. Ted says that it is impossible in a a modern commodity market to have the quick and violent changes we have seen in the silver market. The production of silver is relatively constant or in any event it takes a long time to ramp up production or a long time to slow down the production process. So the supply doesn’t change quickly and the demand for silver doesn’t change quickly. Ted identifies some of the large players who have had the biggest short position in the paper silver market and stood to gain from the manipulation. Regulators have been extremely lax at enforcing position limits and extremely in slow implementing new regulations to prevent these abuses and limit this silver price manipulation.

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