Precious Metals – The Right Investment for Today’s Volatile Investment Climate

Your investment strategy needs to match the demands of the investment climate of the time and the challenges you are facing. Many of the TV pundits and financial advisers fall in love with their investment story and keep repeating it regardless of the times. With not only the US government but also governments worldwide racking up massive debts the politicians deal with it in the way they have always done – by speeding up the printing of money. However we all know that results not only in inflation but also decreases the value of the dollar. Statistics show that today’s dollar only has 3% of the purchasing power it had years ago. So do you want to listen to politicians, TV pundits, or investment advisers who have a financial interest in getting your commissions from the stock trades they do for their clients that the precious metals are not a secure source of value?

Precious Metals are the right investment for today’s challenging investment climate. This is never more true than it is right now. While there may be short term volitility the 12 year record has been a sustained march upward in price. Respected experts like Ted Butler have investigated and called for legal action into the manipulation of silver prices by some of the largest banks on Wall Street. Their bets that the price of silver is going down has depressed the price recently. However as David Morgan, a long term expert in the field, has pointed out it took them 50 times the trade volume to push silver prices down the same amount as a recent silver buy accomplished in pushing the prices up. So its getting harder and harder, as more people recognize the enduring investment value of silver, for them to hold the prices down. When their stranglehold on the market is finally broken, whether through legal action or overwhelming market forces buying silver, the dam will truly break and prices will rise quickly and dramatically. I can’t tell you exactly when and silver may go down a few dollars in the short term. But I’d rather be prepared by buying some physical silver now and maybe regretting that I didn’t buy at the absolute bottom, than sitting on a pile of “worthless” dollars and Wall Street paper promises watching the tidal flood pass me by. As often happens when a commodity is oversold there is a rebound effect once the pressure holding the price down is removed and prices spring up quickly and dramatically.

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