Eric Sprott and David Morgan Discuss Silver Market Manipulation

Eric Sprott and David Morgan are recognized experts in precious metals. They are known for their thorough, detailed, and careful analysis of precious metal investments. In this interview on the Financial Sense Network Eric Sprott and David Morgan discuss manipulation of the silver market. It’s getting harder and harder for the manipulators push silver prices artificially down. So to many that are interested in investing in the precious metals this is an indication that the end is near for manipulators. They will no longer be able to artificially push the price down in the face of strong buying by both individuals and government who are starting to doubt paper promises.
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The market manipulation has been an ongoing investigation. Here’s a link to a call David Morgan hosted in May of 2011 about precious metals investing manipulation and physical silver prices. It features most of the recognized precious metals experts of the world such as Eric Sprott, David Morgan, Rob Kirby, SGTbull, Bill Murphy, James Anderson, and Bob Quartermain.

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